Monday, 14 April 2014

One Fine Day - Italian Kind of Day: Pasta & Tiramisu

Okay. Obviously I'm not an Italian, and I'm not in Italy. But, I freaking love Italian cuisines. I'm kinda obsessed when it come to Italian food, as you may know, i love pasta. Love overload with pasta.

So last month, we (as in me, mom, dad, and bro) kind of had an italian day at home. As you already know, my family love tiramisu so much. And I believe the only cake dessert that I actually eat must be only tiramisu. I don't know why, tiramisu just suit me well. Haha, and guess what? This was my third or fourth time baking tiramisu. And it always the bomb!

And as for the pasta, I'll definitely share the recipe with you guys on my next post. Trust me, it super easy to make and yes, it was super yumm too!

Okay, until my next post. XOXO

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  1. Ditaa I'm waiting for your recipes ♥
    I also love pasta XD


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