Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Peripera Tint Water No.1 Cherry Juice

Peripera are one of my favorite brand, because they have 황정음 as their ambassador back then. I've been own this tint for quite some times, but i don't really use this tint a lot, i only use this whenever i getting bored by my other tints. And i think i don't really need to talk since i believe you guys already familiar with this tint, right? 

Despite the good color payoff and sturdy packaging, the reasons why i don't really like this lip tint are whenever i wear this tint it'll also make my teeth red, and the stain is quite hard to remove, also the brush applicator are too big thick so it always absorb more product, so we need to be careful whenever we try to applying it. Since its water based formula, so it'll make your lip drying.

This tint water available in 5 shades, all of them have a good pigmentation with a good prices. 

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