Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013's K-Dramas Review & Recommendation

The thing is, i always have time to watch k-dramas despite how busy i'm. Its just one of my guilty pleasure. All of this review and recommendation are just my opinion, so no offense. ^^!


At first i really like the story line of this drama. But when its reached 50++ episodes, the story line become more more absurd. 

Another family drama that will have like 100++ episodes, and it'll still airing until 2014. One of the main cast of this drama is Sistar's Dasom. I love the main soundtrack of this drama, which is very musical. I hope the story won't become absurd like the previous drama which is A Tale of Two Sisters.

I've been watching most of KBS's dramas that aired on KBS World. This Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek actually has a very nice story line at the very first few episodes, thats all i can say. 

 This drama is quite popular back then. Its about a contract-worker, very fun to watch.

Shark <상어> ♥♥♥
Starred by So YeJin & Kim Namgil. Actually i'm quite afraid to watched this drama back then, because its all about revenge, and also had a sad ending :(. I love this drama's soundtrack that sang by BoA.

Good Doctor <굿 닥터> ♥♥♥♥♥
Okay, who haven't watch Good Doctor yet?? You must be kidding me. Super heartwarming drama about a doctor with an autistic disorder. Love Joowon <3 actors="" actresses="" all="" amp="" and="" drama.="" font="" on="" the="" this="">

Starred by Yoon EunHye, Lee Donggun, and Jung Yonghwa. All i can say, i really love Jung Yonghwa's character there. Super prince charming xD.

I believe all of SNSD's fans already watch this right? It will still airing until 2014, and starring by Yoona's SNSD and Lee Bum Soo, despite a huge age-gap between them, they actually quite cute as a couple. Super fun drama, but the rating is quite low x(. My current favorite mon-tues dramas that currently airing so far.

To be honest, i don't really like watching some historical dramas. But this one is exception. Love the love line between the king and queen, and Cha TaeHyun's character very funny too :))

Actually i haven't watch IRIS1, but i'm soo in love with this IRIS2. Love love love it!

Secret Love <비밀> ♥♥♥♥♥
Another revenge drama, with a high rating until the very end of the episodes. MUST WATCH!! But somehow, this drama really make me turn fdsfgfsdgadv, because some evil characters there x-x

Pretty boring drama............. that all i can say. Super predictable.

It consist about 50 episodes, and got 50% in viewer rating. Another successful 2013's drama.

IU's acting in this drama.... well..... i don't know.

It has a nice story line, like its title, its another family drama. So many strong characters in this drama, as well as strong story line. And it will still be airing in 2014.

Another historical drama. Well, not bad. 

I can't really give it 5 LOVE. Because the most memorable scene for me was Lee Yeonhee and Choi Jinhyuk's scene. In the very first episodes about how Lee Chi's parent met.

All i wanna say, JOOWON <3 font="" haha="">

Been watched this drama too, but i can't really remember what it was about. x-x

About elementary student right right? Also forgot what this drama was about x-x

A medical drama. Actually its quite good, but had a poor rating, maybe its because it aired side by side with Secret Love & The Heirs.

Currently airing. Love this drama, because of all the talented actors and actresses!! Love love love!

I'm a food lover, so i like this drama. Well, even its not 100% about food thou.

I'm not a historical drama big fan. So its only got 1 heart from me.

People were sooo crazy about this drama. Maybe because of the main cast were Song Hyegyo and Jo Insung. 

Political drama which i love. I love everything about this drama. Story line, actors & actresses, also the soundtrack. The story based on best seller novel that also has the same title.

Its a drama about law and revenge. Starred by Lee Boyoung & Lee Jongsuk. Quite scary because the evil characters there, but the story line super good!!

Another romantic horror drama. This drama actually quite popular, but i don't really that fond of this drama thou

Well, maybe most of you already watch this too right?? Actually i just start watched this drama right when Secret Love finished back then.

Its airing at the same time with Miss Korea. This drama actually pretty good, loveee the story line. One of my favorite for wed-thurs dramas that currently airing.

Love the story line. Love the character of the lead man. Love love love!!

I don't really like this type of drama. But since i always love Hwang Jeunggeum's acting soo i like it. Her character was very funny there.

Starred by Park Shinhye and Yoon Si Yoon. Love this drama a lot. So my style. Haha

It has a very unique story line. 

Love the very first 7 episodes of this drama only. But i don't really like the rest of the episodes since its too predictable.

I'm a big fan of Kim Jaewook. Very sad story line. And it is another horror drama, and the ghost really scared me.

Currently airing too on TvN. I mostly like all of TvN's drama. Not only because of the story line, but also the cinematography are soo my style.

Super fun and funny, love love it. As fun, well more fun than Answer Me 1997.

Its musical drama. Its quite popular among kpop fans, but i don't really like the story line. Maybe because its too teenager?? haha..

Medley of Youth <사춘기 메들리> ♥♥♥♥♥
Its a drama special, which consist 4 episodes only. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH. Worth to watch!!

And thats a wrap. I believe there are still so many k-dramas that aired and currently airing in 2013 and i still haven't watch it yet. And afterall, its just for fun!! XOXO :D