Tuesday, 22 October 2013

One Fine Day : Green Tea Muffins

Freshly baked green tea muffins for this lovely afternoon. Got a lil headache, and it make me become soo sick already. I just want to have a good nap, but i can't. Well, last time i onced said i wont make any cupcakes again this month, but well, at least  im not making cupcakes, but its muffin this time, a cupcake without frosting.

I onced a green-tea maniac, i love everything about green tea, even my perfume has green-tea scent on it. Obviously i don't have any frosting supplies left at home, so i just made muffins this time. I really love how it turn out, super moist and yummy and green tea :)

Plate are mom's. Love it so much, antique plate, one of her collection. ^^

Perfect treats for you, with a cup of warm tea or coffee

Have a great day everyone :)


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