Sunday, 13 October 2013

[DITAREVIEW] Holika Holika Make-up Starter

Hi loves! I'm back again. First post in October 2013 ^^~
I've already got this for some quite time from Korean Skincare N Makeup as a gift, but i really want to save this, i was planning to use this on special day like when i have date with someone special, lol, i keep waiting for that moment, but it wont coming up in near future, so let just use this on any event then.

As always from Holika Holika, with cute yet simple design. It is a make-up starter.

At the backside they give some information about the product, which is in Korean. Basically they're saying the function for the front & backside of cotton pad. 

Here's the front side the purple dots, which use to exfoliate the dead skin cells & dirt on our face. The surface definitely not rough as I thought at first, so i don't really think this side really do its job.

And here's the back side, which more cotton-paddy used after scrubbing the face. And this suppose to be a primer and moisturize, apply it all of over the face.

And yes, between the scrub & primer side, they provide a holding hole (well a tiny pocket), which i think a good idea, so we can easily use it.

And both sides are soaked by some thick consistency liquid which look more like cotton-pad soaked in serum, lots of serum, and smell so good too.

This starter suppose to remove the dead skin cells & dirt, moisturizes, smoothes, softens, and prime our face in one go. Even it don't really remove the dead skin cells, but its really do the job for moisturize our face. My makeup definitely stay longer on my face, and it make my face very smooth and soft, so it more easier for me to apply makeup after use this makeup starter.

I really love this starter, definitely worth to buy, and easy to use.

Until next time, XOXO.

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