Saturday, 26 October 2013

Another Saturday : Unexpected Wardah Haul

Yes, such unexpected haul, so today just like another busy day, but i managed to do some shopping with mom. we bought some supplies for home, also bought clothes, accessories, shoes, other others.. I also managed to buy some Wardah product. Actually i'm not really a fan of local cosmetic, cause i heard sooo many bad thing about them, most of friends of mine gettin breakout because using their products, so i'm kinda afraid. I also onced tried their product like toner long time ago, its do really make my skin red, the toner felt like burning my skin x-x, so i'm quite afraid to try them again. But i do trust their makeup remover, i just bought another backup today, its like my 20++ bottles. I love their makeup remover, even it make my eyes hurt and red, at least they are cheaper than the korean brand that i used to use back then, its only $3, and we got like 100ml amount of the makeup remover, it will last me about a month, i believe. I wish Wardah will make the bigger version of their makeup remover. Also, i bought their facial scrub and sunscreen too. My first time trying them, i hope this 2 things wouldnt make my skin crying again. Got the agenda and wardah's pouch from buying the sunscreen at some halloween party tonight, and i met my 2 bestfriends there. It such a long timeee ago, since our last meeting.

Until next post, take care loves.

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