Saturday, 19 October 2013

One Fine Day : A Dozens of Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes

I made dozens of cupcakes on last 12nd october, for my dad's birthday. We actually also made some tiramisu for the birthday's cake, because my dad and brother a coffee lover, everytime we (me & mom) made tiramisu, it will finished within a day, since dad & bro love it so much (and they do love eating). So basically my cupcakes arent 'sell well' so i took bunch (way too many) photos for the cupcakes. All photos below are without any filter (#nofilter) lol, cause i took it straight from refrigerator, i don't want to make the frosting melt x-x. I just make simple chocolate cupcakes with different icing (a very messy icing obviously). This is actually my second time baking cupcakes. I just made some trial from green tea cupcake few days ago, and it turn really yummy, i'm kinda disappointed because i only made one x-x. From now on, i think i'll share to you guys what i'm currently cook or bake here.

Without any further do, lets enjoy the photos. CLICK MORE to see more photos of the cupcakes.

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