Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Korean Cosmetic Brand : 쏘내추럴 (So' Natural)

I always want to share whenever i discover some good quality brand who deserve more attention, like this practicular brand that i want to share this time, called 쏘내추럴 (So'Natural). So' Natural founded on 2007, like the brand's name they provide natural ingredients on their skincare & makeup line.

And im really interest with their makeup line, especially their Powder4Room line, which is their Lip Lacquer. I'm really a lipstick person, so when the first time i saw their lip lacquer i cant really help myself. Lip Lacquer itself pretty famous nowdays, most of cosmetic brand has their own lip lacquer series.

So'Natural lip lacquer called as Sensual Color Fit Macaroon Whip Mousse Lip (센슈얼 컬러 핏 마카롱 휩 무스 립), available in 11 shades (within 2013-09-03), and the thing that i really love are they're highly pigmented and also has matte finish, so we can use this as blush&eyeshadow too. And also they're only 12,000won which is around $12, Super cheap if you compare with other brand of lip lacquer.

Beside their lip lacquer series, they also have another series like Vivid Lip Pen, Flash Up Lacquer, and Color Crayon, and of course all of them are super pigmented

So, until then, XOXO.


  1. hallo dita, mau tanya dong kamu beli so natural ini dimana ya? aku lagi nyari banget brand ini soalnya dan belum nemu di online shop yg ada di indonesia nih huhu

  2. Hi chingu . aku juga mau tau dong . km beli itu dimana . sebab aku mau beli yg buat penghilang komedo .


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