Wednesday, 4 September 2013

[DITAREVIEW] It's Skin Babyface One-Step Base - Lavender Pink

Early 2013, i bought such a massive items from Its Skin, one of them are this primer or base makeup on their Babyface line. I believe it available in 2 color, which are green & lavender. Both of them have different purposes, the green one use to neutralize redness on our face, while the lavender one use to brighten up our face.

For myself, i choose the lavender one, since bb cream are not enough to brighten up my face alone, and my face become very dull because of stress & lack of sleep.

The packaging itself very cute, and give baby-angel-ish looking with the printed face on it. Its contain 35g, which is very little amount, but i can't complain anymore since the price quite affordable, i can't really remember the exact price, but i believe it around $6.

They claim that they has like 3 in 1 advantages in it, which they're makeup base + primer + UV protection. Also this primer has SPF 15, which is pretty good to be use alone, and thats why it'll give you a lil bit white cast if you use too much of it or you didn't blend it very well. Also they're clinical tested, so safe for all skin type.

Back to packaging, the little wings make the packaging look more cuter. 

Well, its good that they're use tube than a jar for the packaging, because its more hygiene

You don't really need to squeeze since the liquid more watery, but its very tricky, so its hard to control the amount that you want to use. I always end up get too many amount of it.

The liquid itself has a very pretty pastel lilac color which i really love, and it smell very chemical-girly, which i don't really like.

My conclusion are,
If you looking for primer that offer brighten up your face with affordable price also cute packaging, you might want to try this.

Well, thats all for now, until then, take care, and XOXO.


  1. omg.. the packaging is too cute>.<
    Nice review dear ^^

  2. Wow, sounds like nice product.
    I never tried it's skin before. The tube is realllyyyy cute >.<
    I wouldlove to try it too someday when my base runs out.
    thank u for sharing review with such detailed pictures


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