Sunday, 8 September 2013

[DITAREVIEW] Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Special Kit

Who doesn't know Innisfree? Well, Innisfree already wellknown cosmetic brand that use natural ingredients, and very environmental friendly. For me, myself, i really trust anything from Innisfree. Back in time, i used to be Innisfree-die-hard-fan so i've tried most of their popular and unpopular products too.

I've already tried Jejubija's line before, i really like the cooling effect on their facial wash, and  Korean Skincare N Makeup kindly sent me this trial kit for me to use.

Just like another innisfree product, their box also environmental friendly, they also use soy ink.

The trial kit consist of
Facial Foam
2 Sachets Trouble Spot Essence R
2 Sachets Trouble Spot Essence W

All in sample-size, which is very convenient to bring it on our vacation

For the facial foam, toner, and lotion, just like another normal facial foam, toner, and lotion.

So, the thing that different from another anti-acne product line, Jejubija has this 2 unique products which is Spot Essence R and Spot Essence W.

What is Spot Essence R?
This spot essence rapidly calms down sudden apparent breakouts. It come in green-grey-ish cream. The consistency look like clay mask for me. If you have sudden breakout, you can apply this spot essence R on the breakout area.

What is Spot Essence W?
This spot essence helps to treat and soothe bumpy. It come in white-gel-consistency-liquid, so even its a acne-product, it also quite moisturizing for face.

For skincare product, actually its not always work the same. If this product work well on me, it doesn't mean this product will also work well on you. So the thing is, we need to try it first to know whether this product works or not with your skin type with this trial kit. 

So, if you have problem with acnes, you might wanna try this products, since this product are paraben free, sulfat free, artifical coloring free, mineral oil free, and animal raw materials free, so it safe to be used for any skin type, even for people who has sensitive skin.


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  2. sis, bagusan mana antara innisfree jejubija anti trouble special kit ato etude ac clinic intense trial kit ya?
    buat wajah kombinasi yg gampang jerawatan? tq :)

    1. Hello Anastasia, menurut aku bagusan Etude AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit sih dibanding dengan ini, kalau emang jerawatnya rada parah. tapi kalau cuma jerawat biasa2 aja gak banyak pakai yang Innisfree/The Face Shop aja, soalnya mereka lebih mild dibanding dengan yang Etude. Semoga membantu :)

  3. Beli dimana? mau juga beli, hehehe


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