Thursday, 5 September 2013

[DITAREVIEW] Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint No. 2 Raspberry

Yes, i'm a huge fan of lip product especially lip tint / lip stain, lip cream, lipstick that has matte finish. I cant really get enough with lip product. I've been reviewed this series one year ago, which is their no. 1 in strawberry (CHECK IT HERE!). Since i pretty much love this lip tint, so i bought the other 2 colors which is in raspberry and orangeberry. Since i believe i got way too much orange-lip-color and i dont really use orange lip color that much too, so i gave the orangeberry one to my friend.

The packaging itself come out with clear plastic bottle and silver cap, so you can see the color and amount of the tint, just like another normal lip tint. 

With price around $5, we can get 13ml amount of lip tint that we can use for a lifetime. But, since it made from plastic bottle, so it isn't sturdy as it look, its easily leak.

Since its very easy to apply, so i tend to bring this everywhere on my bag, and then the bad thing happened, it leaked, on my favorite makeup bag :(. So my tips is just put this tint on your vanity, and never ever bring this liptint on your bag. Well, if you still want to bring this tint, you need to wrap it with plastic bag unless you want to ruin your bag. It happen with the strawberry one, i dont really use it that much, but it only left around 2-3ml now, so sad :(.

And the applicator itself just like another normal liptint applicator

Above are the swatches, its pretty sheer not pigmented, so its very easy to apply, it has pinkpurple with hint of red color, which pretty similar with my natural lip color, so it doesn't really show up on the lip (thats why i don't do the swatch on my lip, because it just useless). So i like to use it as base lip makeup :). And on below photos i compare it with the strawberry one, so it really make it more obvious how light is this shade is.

Left to right : No.2 Raspberry - No. 1 Strawberry

The stain itself not really easy to remove, since its a lip tint. But i dont really see it as the problem. And it stay around 3-4 hours without drink/eat.

My conclusion are,
if you looking for natural lip tint that easy to use, well you might want to try this one.

Until next time, take care & XOXO.


  1. aku jg lg demen bgt sm lip product dit,.
    tp aku krg suka lip tint yg air ginii >.<

  2. Nice for a subtle look, xoxo.


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