Tuesday, 3 September 2013

[DITAREVIEW] Etude House's Falselashes No. 1 Secret & No. 3 Vivid

Hello there. Are you still visiting my blog? Holy crap. I felt like its has been hundred years since my last review here, and i'm finally comeback again. Thank you so much for all of you who still visiting this ugly blog. And today i'm gonna do a very simple review, i cant believe it myself, im writing again. haha xD.

So today just a very simple review about falselashes that i currently love, and maybe most of you has already tried this falselashes too, its from popular korean brand, Etude House. I bought their falselashes series in vivid and secret like in early january from Korean Skincare N Makeup, and i forgot the exact prices x-x, maybe its around $2 - $3 each i  believe.

The box itself super Etude House, which is girly and pink. Both series are criss-cross design.

The secret one is very natural looking, and wearable for everyday look, the length also not too long, but also not too short, it match perfectly with me.


While the Vivid is more thicker and volumizing than Secret, but Vivid also offer the natural look, since the length are still medium.

Each box also contain glue inside, which is pretty convenient

My conclusion are,
If you looking for falselashes which can be use for everyday makeup, lightweight, and give you natural looking, and you dont really like wearing mascara (like i do) you definitely want this. Since its very lightweight, it feel like i don't really wear falselashes, and people also wouldn't notice it.

Well, until then, take care, XOXO.

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