Thursday, 21 February 2013

Get it beauty Self 고양이 강아지눈 아이메이크업 Cat and Puppy Makeup Look

Cute puppy's eyes and sexy cat's eyes

I love watching video tutorial from Get It Beauty, because even without understand their language we can easily know step by step how to do a certain look, you can just type "Get It Beauty Self" on youtube, and bunch of GIB's videos will appear.

This time i'll share with you one of Get It Beauty Self videos that really amaze me, i never realize that the eye makeup that i like to wear actually called 'Puppy Eyes', really funny i thought my 'signature' eye makeup called cat eyes -_-''

If you want to have cute pure look try the puppy's eye look, but if you want to look sexy try the cat's eye look.
Here the point look how to create the puppy's eyes makeup
Eyebrow : Draw it straight and ticker
Eyeliner : Draw the eyeliner down to outer V, like you have a drooping eyes
Blush : Apple cheeks would make the look perfect

and to create the cat's eyes makeup
Eyebrow : Upward angular like on the screenshot
Eyeliner : Since its cat's eyes look we need to make the infamous cat wink right?
Blush : Apply the blush diagonally on the cheek

For more detail, watch the video tutorial on the link below here, it so easy to follow right??

I hope this videos will inspire you too!
Have a great weekend, take care everybody, and till then!


  1. thanks for sharing dit xD
    i enjoy it much <3


  2. Both looks are really cute, thanks for sharing the video.

    Your blog is super cute so I tagged you for the Liebster Award xx


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