Thursday, 17 January 2013

Introducing You To : Face on Face

Like the title above, today i'll introducing you to a new beauty brand made in Indonesia called Face on Face. I'll be talking in Indonesian and English here, because i also want to introduce this brand to all my fellow bloggers all around the world :D.
Seperti judul diatas, hari ini aku akan membahas tentang produk makeup terbaru dari Indonesia, yaitu Face on Face. Aku bakal "bicara" dalam 2 bahasa disini, yaitu Indonesia, dan English, soalnya aku juga pengen ngenalin brand ini ke orang-orang banyak diseluruh dunia, hehe.

As far as now, they only have 4 kind of products, and they are the two way cake, loose powder, eye shadow, and blush on. And i'm sure they will come with more products soon.
Sejauh yang aku tahu, sejauh ini mereka hanya punya 4 varian produk yaitu two-way cake, loose powder (bedak tabur), eye shadow, dan blush on. Dan sejalannya waktu, mereka pasti bakal memunculkan varian varian lainnya.

Two Way Cake
Its a combination between a pact and foundation, and i'll be doing a review about this product very soon, so stay tuned! So basically this two way cake have 5 different shade from Charmy Pink, Silky White, Vanilla Beige, Natural Yellow,and Tropical Beige. As i believe the Charmy Pink is for people with cool undertone, and the rest of them are for people with warm undertone. And i really like the range of shades that they provide. Really nice! ^^!
Ini adalah kombinasi bedak dengan foundation, dan two way cake ini punya 5 varian warna yaitu Charmy Pink ( untuk orang yang punya undertone cool), Silky White, Vanilla Beige, Natural Yellow dan Tropical Beige (untuk orang yang punya undertone warm). Dengan banyaknya varian yang ada, kita bisa lebih mudah memilih shade yang cocok dengan kulit kita.

Loose Powder
So this is almost the same with the two way cake one, but this one is come in a loose powder, so we need to use it with powder brush, and it has 3 different shade from Silky White, Vanilla Beige, and Natural Yellow. And yes, both of the two way cake and loose powder are mineral oil free.
Jadi Loose Powder ini hampir sama dengan two-way cakenya, hanya kali ini berbentuk dalam bedak tabur, dan hanya ada dalam 3 varian warna yaitu Silky White, Vanilla Beige, dan Natural Yellow. Dan buat informasi, kedua two way cake dan loose powder ini bebas dari mineral oil yang bisa mem-block pori-pori diwajah kita yang biasa bikin wajah kita jerawatan. 

Eye Shadow
So its a 3in1 eyeshadow palette, in Blooming Rose and Natural Glow
Eyeshadow mereka hanya ada 2 varian warna yaitu Blooming Rose dan Natural Glow.

Blush On
Their blush is quite popular here, and they come out match with the eyeshadow in Blooming Rose which is a light pretty pink and the other one is Natural Glow which is a orange-ish color.
Dan blush on mereka juga terdapat dalam 2 varian warna yang sama dengan eyeshadow-nya yaitu Blooming Rose dan Natural Glow.

And the Face on Face's staff kindly sent me their products for review propose, and im happy that they gave me their two-way cake and blush to try on. Even i really hope they send me all of their product >o< lol. But im still happy leh. ㅋㅋ.
Dan, pihak Face on Face berbaik hati mengirimkan produk mereka untuk aku review.

For more Information, you can visit Face on Face on

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So, stay tune for my very next post! Have a great day everyone. Take care.
Till then.


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