Monday, 7 January 2013

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil Swatches No.2 & 4

Happy monday!! Today i'm gonna do a review over an eyebrow pencil, actually this is not mine, but my mom's. I bought it for her the pencil one instead the auto pencil, because the pencil one will be more long lasting >o<, and my mom prefer pencil more than the eyebrow shadows. I've already bought her like more than 5 auto eyebrow pencils back then, but she already finished all of them, since the auto one kinda fragile, she always 'break' it, lol mom >o<, so yeah.

So i bought 2 colors which is No 2. Brown, and No. 4 Dark grey i believe. And the packaging super adorable with the pink pastel color, really Etude. *-*

It come with the brow brush, this is what i love about korean eyebrow pencil!!

And this is how the pencils look like, just like another ordinary eyebrow pencil i think

And here the swatches in my hand, and i use the no. 4 on below picture, and it turn out really natural and blend well with my eyebrow right?? >o< and sorry for the messy eyebrow lol >o<

What I Like:
# Adorable cute packaging
# In affordable price
# Come out with brow brush
# Available in 4 colors
# Doesn't break easily

What I Dislike:
# At first its kinda hard to use it, because the pencil doesn't glides easily, but after few swatch the color start to come out.

Price: Around $2.9 or Rp. 29,000

So, thats all for today. I'm kinda want to buy one for myself. Take care everyone!



  1. dit, suka watermark baru km :D
    aku lbi suka yg bentuk crayon drpd pensil :3

  2. I adore your blog, following now!
    Stay in touch! xx

  3. WOW they look nice, I might add them to my G-market cart. Thanks for the review


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