Sunday, 6 January 2013

CandyDoll Shading Powder

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm back with another review today. And this time i'll be reviewing about CandyDoll Shading Powder. Its japanese makeup brand, and this brand quite popular among japan lovers. Let just jump right into the review shall we ^^.

It come out with box packaging, and i found the colors really pretty, because i love pastel colors >o< (can you notice that i made a new logo >o< kekeu)

It has the information on the back side of the box, and below i'll zooming the information for you ^^ (since i dont understand japanese, so i wont be translating it)

I love the design, simple but i still find it really cute ^^!

Back-side ^^, all i know its contain 10g. lol xD

When i first open it up im kinda afraid with the color because its too brown and i dont think it will suit my skintone too >o<

Closer look

I'm using angled blush brush to applying this bronzer, and it turn out really nice instead using the normal blush brush.

Swatch on my hand, the color pretty sheer and im glad its not pigmented, and the thing that i like is this bronzer is matte, so can be use for everyday look. hehe xD

What I Like:
# simple and cute design
# matte finish

What I Dislike:

Price: 1470JPY or around $16.83

This bronzer definitely my very favorite bronzer now, how about yours?? Share with me!! ^^
Have a good day everyone, take care ^^



  1. Nice review! :) but it's expensive! :O

  2. aaaaaaaaaaa sometimes I really want to try this shading powder but it's pricey :(
    nice rview dita ^^

  3. It's nice that it doesn't appear muddy and it looks just nice and natural =)

  4. bagus ya dit? aku jrng pakai shading sih, msi krg bs soalnyaa >.<


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