Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mentholatum Face On Face Nourishing Blush On - Blooming Rose

Hello!! Since im so in mood today, so i'm gonna reviewing the product that Face on Face Indonesia gave to me ^^. And before, i'll be talking in Indonesian, hope you understand. So lets get start it shall we ^^!!

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Love Mark Tint Stamping On My Lips

Happy sunday everyone! Im gonna write a review while waiting 2 days 1 night show :D, and today i'll be reviewing another lip tint from The Face Shop called Lovely Me:ex Love Mark Tint Stamping On My Lips in No. 1 called Hot Kiss - Red. Basically its a red lip tint, and this one is really unique, let get start it shall we? ^^~

Tap! Tap! A lip stamp for vibrant and lively lips! This innovative stamp-type tint in lip-shape completes a natural flushed look on lips. Tap more to give intensity and mimic the gradation technique of an artist

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mentholatum Face On Face Nourishing Two Way Cake - Silky White

Another review for today babes >o<, and its
Face on Face Nourishing Two Way Cake - Silky White

Perpaduan bedak dan foundation yang optimal untuk menyempurnakan tata rias. Diperkaya dengan bahan-bahan yang baik untuk menutrisi dan menjaga kelembaban kulit.

Netto : 11 gr

Improved Hyaluronic Acid : yang mampu menjaga kelembaban 2 x lebih baik dibandingkan dengan Hyaluronic Acid biasa, serta membantu menjaga kelembutan dan elastisitas kulit.
Vitamin E : sebagai anti-oksidan dan menutrisi kulit
Double Sunscreen Agent : melindungi kulit dari radiasi sinar UVA dan UVB serta merawat keremajaan kulit
Oil Control & Shine Free Agent : Kulit bebas dari kilap lebih lama

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Introducing You To : Face on Face

Like the title above, today i'll introducing you to a new beauty brand made in Indonesia called Face on Face. I'll be talking in Indonesian and English here, because i also want to introduce this brand to all my fellow bloggers all around the world :D.
Seperti judul diatas, hari ini aku akan membahas tentang produk makeup terbaru dari Indonesia, yaitu Face on Face. Aku bakal "bicara" dalam 2 bahasa disini, yaitu Indonesia, dan English, soalnya aku juga pengen ngenalin brand ini ke orang-orang banyak diseluruh dunia, hehe.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil Swatches No.2 & 4

Happy monday!! Today i'm gonna do a review over an eyebrow pencil, actually this is not mine, but my mom's. I bought it for her the pencil one instead the auto pencil, because the pencil one will be more long lasting >o<, and my mom prefer pencil more than the eyebrow shadows. I've already bought her like more than 5 auto eyebrow pencils back then, but she already finished all of them, since the auto one kinda fragile, she always 'break' it, lol mom >o<, so yeah.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

CandyDoll Shading Powder

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm back with another review today. And this time i'll be reviewing about CandyDoll Shading Powder. Its japanese makeup brand, and this brand quite popular among japan lovers. Let just jump right into the review shall we ^^.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Benefit Dandelion Wishes Set - Dandelion Brightening Face Powder & Ultra Plush Dandelion Lipgloss

Happy weekend guys! Its my first review in 2013. I wish i can blog more in 2013 *-*. So today i'm gonna reviewing about my favorite blush/face powder from Benefit Dandelion Wishes alongside with it lipgloss.

And by the way, i heard so many complaint from my fellow beauty bloggers that so many online shop (esp in indonesia >o<) use their photo's review on their blog without their permission >o<, i know how annoying is that. Its not that hard to ask for permission right?? So me myself, to prevent that i will put the 'new logo' on my photos from now on >o<

So lets just move right into the review shall we! (click read more!)

Perk up with our celebrated ballerina pink powder and gloss. 
Illuminez votre visae avec poudre et notre gloss rose ballerine tres prises.