Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013's K-Dramas Review & Recommendation

The thing is, i always have time to watch k-dramas despite how busy i'm. Its just one of my guilty pleasure. All of this review and recommendation are just my opinion, so no offense. ^^!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Martha Tilaar Professional Eyelash in M306 - Review

So, i just bought this thing yesterday, they're having sale like buy 1 get 1, but too bad i just managed to get this design, because this was the only one left there. It cost me like IDR25 or around $3 for 2 pairs of eyelashes.

I never know that Martha Tilaar also sell their own eyelashes, and its instantly become my another favorite eyelashes brand from Indonesia, well, lets get start it, shall we?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

One Fine Day - Choco Chips Cookies

I just want to make something very simple despite my busy schedules this week, so here there are some choco chips cookies. I just like baking than cooking, because baking wont make my hair smell disgusting, x-x, but i dont really like eat sweets thing like this, glad that i have father & brother who love sweets.


Monday, 11 November 2013

One Fine Day - Brazilian Chocolate Truffle

Hello loves! As promised, i'm back with super fun dessert post, i just made this like few hours ago, super fun, super easy, and super yummy! Perfect gift for your special one.


Sunday, 10 November 2013

One Fine Day : Sweet Bread

One fine day, i just finished my schedules for today, and here we come, my real weekend. This is one of favorite snack in my family. Back in childhood, mom used to make this every week, one of my childhood's snack. Mom usually filled it with pineapple jam, or chocolate, or just plain without any filling. 

One is not enough if you start to eat this. Super soft, super yummy. the sweetness are nice for my liking. Not too sweet


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

One Fine Day : Green Tea Donut

Hi loves, another dessert post again. So yesterday, we made few dozens of donut, since my dad & bro are crazy about it.

Donut are fun to make and decorate, its just like cupcakes, since we have like donut maker (well, pasta machine i believe) so its definitely easy.

And i still have so many cupcake's frosting supplies like green tea powder, flower decorating, and others, so i use them to decorate the donut here.

And, until then, XOXO :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

One Fine Day : Garlic Bread

Hey loves,
So today i just made some yummy treats, i don't really like eat sweet things, i just usually made them and let my brother & father eat all of them. But i kinda craving something salty and savory, so i decided make Garlic Bread. This is quite easy and fun to do.

Happy weekend everyone. XOXO

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Another Saturday : Unexpected Wardah Haul

Yes, such unexpected haul, so today just like another busy day, but i managed to do some shopping with mom. we bought some supplies for home, also bought clothes, accessories, shoes, other others.. I also managed to buy some Wardah product. Actually i'm not really a fan of local cosmetic, cause i heard sooo many bad thing about them, most of friends of mine gettin breakout because using their products, so i'm kinda afraid. I also onced tried their product like toner long time ago, its do really make my skin red, the toner felt like burning my skin x-x, so i'm quite afraid to try them again. But i do trust their makeup remover, i just bought another backup today, its like my 20++ bottles. I love their makeup remover, even it make my eyes hurt and red, at least they are cheaper than the korean brand that i used to use back then, its only $3, and we got like 100ml amount of the makeup remover, it will last me about a month, i believe. I wish Wardah will make the bigger version of their makeup remover. Also, i bought their facial scrub and sunscreen too. My first time trying them, i hope this 2 things wouldnt make my skin crying again. Got the agenda and wardah's pouch from buying the sunscreen at some halloween party tonight, and i met my 2 bestfriends there. It such a long timeee ago, since our last meeting.

Until next post, take care loves.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

One Fine Day : Green Tea Muffins

Freshly baked green tea muffins for this lovely afternoon. Got a lil headache, and it make me become soo sick already. I just want to have a good nap, but i can't. Well, last time i onced said i wont make any cupcakes again this month, but well, at least  im not making cupcakes, but its muffin this time, a cupcake without frosting.

I onced a green-tea maniac, i love everything about green tea, even my perfume has green-tea scent on it. Obviously i don't have any frosting supplies left at home, so i just made muffins this time. I really love how it turn out, super moist and yummy and green tea :)

Plate are mom's. Love it so much, antique plate, one of her collection. ^^

Perfect treats for you, with a cup of warm tea or coffee

Have a great day everyone :)


Sunday, 20 October 2013

So whats in my bag? Actually it quite normal, like what most of people bring. I have my phone there, wallet, headset, compact powder, and lip tints. Yes, i bring like 4 tint that actually have quite similar shades. The tint that i like to bring on my bag are all from Etude House. I like their Dear Darling series, because the tube really sturdy unlike another tints that i ever tried, Dear Darling are the strongest one and it really easy to apply, we donlt need to use our finger to blend the tint, convenient right? Until now, i still can't find tint that can be easy to bring on our bag.

So if you always need to retouch your makeup especially lip makeup, you definitely need to have this series. 

Happy weekend everyone. XOXO

Saturday, 19 October 2013

One Fine Day : A Dozens of Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes

I made dozens of cupcakes on last 12nd october, for my dad's birthday. We actually also made some tiramisu for the birthday's cake, because my dad and brother a coffee lover, everytime we (me & mom) made tiramisu, it will finished within a day, since dad & bro love it so much (and they do love eating). So basically my cupcakes arent 'sell well' so i took bunch (way too many) photos for the cupcakes. All photos below are without any filter (#nofilter) lol, cause i took it straight from refrigerator, i don't want to make the frosting melt x-x. I just make simple chocolate cupcakes with different icing (a very messy icing obviously). This is actually my second time baking cupcakes. I just made some trial from green tea cupcake few days ago, and it turn really yummy, i'm kinda disappointed because i only made one x-x. From now on, i think i'll share to you guys what i'm currently cook or bake here.

Without any further do, lets enjoy the photos. CLICK MORE to see more photos of the cupcakes.