Monday, 3 December 2012

Laneige Water Bank Double Moisture Mask Review

Hello darling!! Today i'll do a very quick review for Laneige Water Bank Double Moisture Mask. Laneige Water Bank line is very popular among Laneige's fans outside there, and i'm very exciting to try this out!!

Laneige Water Bank Double Moisture Mask

Laneige Water Bank Double Moisture Mask for intensive care in moisture-blind-spot,providing twice stronger long-lasting moisture circulating care for both inside and outside of skin. All the products under the Water Bank lines delivers intensive moistiure to dry and rough skin for a smooth and supple appearance and Laneige Water Bank Double Moisture Mask is no exception. Wonderfully moisturized, deeply nourished and plumped, skin emerges infinitely regenerated. Your skin can be renewed, refined, resilient and radiant upon using it. (credit)

Suitable for:
All skin types (as on the packaging) but they put it for dry skin on their website, weird. But its work good on my combination skin ^^

Product Benefits:
  • Contains mineral water that regenerates the skin and Water Pump Systen that helps moisture circulation to retain moisture to transform rough and dry skin into supply skin.
  • Opuntia fruit extracts protect the skin from external affresions and restores the skin barrier to improve the skin's moisture retaining capacities and fill the skin with plumpness.
  • The natural cotton sheet mask has double layers on the chin and cheeks the are prone to roughness and dryness and smoothly attaches to the face along its for intensive moisturization.(credit)

How to Use:

  • Use after toner(1~2 times a week)
  • Take folded mask sheet out of pouch and unfold halfway.
  • Unfold completely and remove film in between sheets.
  • Place mask sheet over face with moisture-blind-spot part facing the face and align openungs with eyes, nose, and lips.
  • Remove sheet after 30minutes and gently spread excess esence with palms.

Its contain so many liquid, and the good thing is this mask come out with the plastic separator so we can easily separate the mask

What I Like:
# It has double layers on the chin and cheeks, Super great
# Really moist and soothing my face at the same time >o<
# The sheet fit my face perfectly, not too big and not too small, its in great human size i think >< kekeu

What I Dislike:
# Nothings, maybe its a little pricey for one mask, but since its from Laneige everyone and does a great job too, so i dont really mind >o<

Where to Buy:
You can buy it from Etude Skincare n Cosmetic, ready stock. and they have promo for this mask, so you can grab this mask in such great price ^^

I really impress with this mask, i don't really use mask sheet these days, because i want to save more money, so i use wash off mask instead, but this mask sheet really good, really moist my tired face and also make my face more smooth ><, great investment on our face!!

That all for today! Take care everyone!



  1. its a bit pricey but Laneige always comes up with nice mask anyway ^_~

  2. dit, br liat tampilan baru blog km, suka deh.. floral abisss xD
    aku jg ada mask sheet Laneige tp bkn yg water bank, kusayang-sayang pakenya ahahahah :3


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