Friday, 28 December 2012

2012 Favorite Beauty Products - LIP

I really not a lipstick nor lipgloss person, but there're always time that i want to wear them, so i've so many favorite lip products hehe ><


Okay this are my favorite lipstick product, one from Wet n Wild Mega Last® Lip Color E901B Think Pink, since its semi matte, so i really really love this lipstick, because it not sticky hehe, and i truly adore the color, super pretty. And the other one is from Estee Lauder Lip Palette, i got this from the pretty cece Lulu from Lovely Lue, the color really gorgeous >o< loveee it!!

Yup the infamous NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream also one of my favorite, the color really pretty and very me xD

I'm a lip tint person, yes. lol, but the lip tint that i've been really really loving are just this 2 lip tint. Tony Moly Tony Tint in Cherry Pink, and the other one is Etude House Aloha Dear Darling Tint in Purple, a very pretty purple, love love love it too >o<

If im really in mood or i want have a glossy finish in my lip these lip glosses are my favorite, the color of Benefit Dandelion really pretty pink, and The Saem Ally's Ajell Jelly Lip Tint also my favorite, ^^ 

And the other lip product that i've been loving also the one from Maybelline New York Lip Smooth Color Bloom Color Changing Lip Balm, the color really pretty i usually use this as the base lip makeup, and the other one is Baviphat Apple Lip Scrub, it make my lip smooth ^^.

Whats your favorite lip product ladies??? Take care, and also dont forget to check out my other favorite product HERE ^^



  1. bloom color changing lip balm nya beli dmn dit? o.o

    1. aku dapet dari giveaway gitu shel, dari india gitu, padahal baguuuuus banget, pengen restock, gak tau nyari dimana >< haha

  2. loh, udah ada di konter MNY say
    aku udah punya dua2nya O.o

  3. I like tint Tony Moly
    Come to me. :) I hope for mutual comment :)


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