Friday, 28 December 2012

2012 Favorite Beauty Products - EYES


I think everyone already know this infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion, and i truly amazed with it and i think this primer need no review >o<

I truly love love love this palette from The Face Shop Face It Lesson 01 4 Minute Smoky Kit ><

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit that i really love, especially love the wax, you can read my full review of it HERE ^^

This are the eyeshadows that i've been using a lot, Baviphat Funky Look One Color Eyeshadow in Brown, Everyday Mineral Travel Size Shadow in Cardamom (forgot the color name ><), The Face Shop Color Nuance in WH002, and my very very favorite one from Kose Visee Meets Blondy Glam Nude Eyes Limited Edition N10 Foxy Midnight.

When it come to eyeliner, i really prefer the auto pencil or gel eyeliner one, i dont really like liquid eyeliner, because its so hard to be used lol, and the one that i've been loving these past 2012 are the Baviphat Auto Eyeliner and the Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner E886 Black Noir

Since my eyelid for both side kinda uneven, so instead using the eyelid tape, i love using the eyelid glue more, and its from Etude House 66 Big Eye Line Charm, at least it can last for 2-3 days in my lid even the glue already removed or washed off.

As i mentioned, i'm not a mascara person, but if im too lazy to put the false lashes, the mascara i always use only the Revlon Grow Lucious Mascara one. The false lashes that i've been love a lot are the D'Eyeko Olga Lidya series in Filrtatious, i really love it, very lightweight and the design and size just purfeeect, and the other one are 2겹 눈 꺼풀의 단골숙눈썹 False Eyelashes of Double-fold Eyelids.

So thats all my favorite eyes makeup products, hope you like it, and see you in my next post. Take care everyone ^^ and check out my other favorite beauty product here also ^^


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