Wednesday, 26 December 2012

2겹 눈 꺼풀의 단골숙눈썹 False Eyelashes of Double-fold Eyelids - Reviews

I'm back with a review today, this time i'll be reviewing about false lashes. I don't really like to wear mascara, so thats why i always put false lashes instead ^^ hehe. I've been mentioned this brand in my july's favorite post, but with a different design, and i wont be reviewing the other design one, because i dont really like it anymore, HAHA >o<

I dont know the brand name but its made in Korea, so lets just called it korean false lashes. So i just read the box, and i found out that this false lashes designed for people whose have double eyelids, but i think people with mono eyelid also can wear this lashes too =_=

I got 6pairs in $2.7 only, mega cheap!

The backside has like the 'how to' information in korean. But i think they provide wrong pictures there lol xD

The one that i picked up is the criss-cross one, which is come out very natural on me, not too thick or long, puuurfect for my liking!

Sorry for my panda eyes *-* (btw, i don't wear circle lenses here)

What I Like:
# love the pattern and design, very natural
# not too long for my eyes
# inexpensive
# got 6 pairs in one box

What I Dislike:
# It come out with the glue, but it dry already *-* haha

Where to Buy:
I bought this at the local department store here, and i dont know where to buy this online, sorry guys :(

As i mentioned, it cost me around $2.7 or 27,000IDR for 6 pairs of them ^^

I think i need to buy a proper false lashes glue, what falselashes glue that you like girls?? Share with me!! ^^ Have a great day everyone, take care! >o<



  1. ya ampun dit murah bangettt *Q* udah gitu cakep lagi falsiesnya..<3

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  3. It looks great on you! I want to buy some falsies too because of this!!! :)

    1. thank you dear!!! keke you should buy some too!! ><

  4. humpp lucky you ! udh murah, bagus, n isi mayan banyak.

    new follower, salam kenal dita.. ^_^

    1. hello Nella, ^^ haha iya ini salah satu great buy aku >< suka banget hehe

  5. gambar penjelasannya trolling bgt xD salahhh hahaha
    btw bli di dept store mana ini dit?

    1. kkk beli di dept store lokal sini shel >< sayang gak banyak designnyaa

  6. Replies
    1. beli di dept store lokal ditempatku rin >< hehe

  7. it looks great on you! Try Ardel Lash glue it is sturdy enough =)

  8. Wow thst is cheap. Well i like to use kiss brand of glue for eyelash. I don't know if you guys have it in Indonesia.

    1. Thank you for visiting kak!! hehe, makasih rekomendasinya ^^


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