Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow™ Kit E963 Ash Brown Review

Another Wet n Wild review! This time i'll be reviewing about their Ultimate Brow Kit  in Ash Brown (E963) ^^, Lets get start it!!

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow™ Kit E963 Ash Brown

Description from the web:
Mini brow salon in a handy, purse-friendly compact with all the essential tools to shape, smooth, define, and maintain perfect brows. This five-piece set includes a soft wax that shapes brows, two setting powders for definition, a hard angle brush for easy application, and mini tweezers for stray hairs.

Back side of the kit, have some information about what inside the kit.
2 coloured brow powders
1 setting wax
1 mini applicators
1 pull out mirror

4.5 x 8 cm with 1 cm height sturdy packaging

And here's the swatches. Its super pigmented when i first swatch it on my fingers, but the colors become more natural when i swatch it on my hand. and the setting wax is in transparent colors. ^^

The brush itself pretty small, around 5 cm height, and it an angled stiff brush which i think perfect to shape and fill the eyebrow

Its come out with mini tweezers too, super small and cute >o< maybe i'll use this small tweezers to put the false eyelashes

The mini mirror come out beside the packaging with 3.5 x 6.5 measurement

My eyebrow already thick o.O and unorganized, but i find the setting wax really convenient to organize my eyebrow >< and i also fill my eyebrow using the dark brown shadow one.

the closer look ><, thick but still look natural right?? >o<


What I Like:
# All in one kit in small packaging, really travel-friendly
# The eyebrow shadows are pigmented but still look natural when applied it on eyebrow
# Easy to use, great kit for a beginner like me.
# The packaging quite sturdy ><, this is what i need and like, since i'm a careless person.
# The brush is stiff, so good to shape and fill the eyebrow

What I Dislike:
# Sometimes the eyebrow powder shadows will messy out the setting wax, -_-''

Where to Buy:
You can buy this from Wet n Wild Indonesia here, ready stock of course with Rp. 89,000.00

I like powder eyebrow shadow more than the pencil one, because powder eyebrow shadow will make the eyebrow look more natural i think, and even a beginner like me can easily use it. >o<. You should try it too!!

Stay gorgeous everyone! Take care *^^*



  1. Pernah coba nyx eyebrow cake powder?kalo dibanding sama ini worthed yang mana?

    1. Aduh sayangnya aku gak pernah coba yang nyx say. tapi kalau dari segi dapet banyaknya mungkin ini ya karena wet n wild ada setting wax-nya yang aku suka!! hehe

  2. bagus banget ya ini.. udh ada mirrornya, ada tweezernya jg *w* must have!

    1. hehe iya shel, ada mini tweezernya, udah komplit hehe

  3. Baguss ini.. udah komplit ada setting wax nya juga.. :D
    Btw, I nominated you here http://beautyfoodlife.blogspot.com/2012/11/liebster-award.html ^^

  4. Thanks for the swatch, will but one!


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