Thursday, 22 November 2012

Laneige Water Supreme Make Up Gift 3 Review

Helloooo. I'm back with another review today, a very quick review about Laneige Water Supreme Makeup Gift 3 Set. 나영 언니(oiseau88) recently did a makeup tutorial with this set, you can see it here! And happily Etude Skincare n Cosmetic gave me this trial set to be try out >o< 

Laneige Water Supreme Make Up Gift 3

Its come with a very simple transparent box, very elegant even its just the trial kit (oh laneige *-*)

back side of the box.

"Keep the moisture in blemishes skin blissfully"

What inside:
Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base SPF15 PA+ (No. 60) 5g
Laneige Water Supreme Foundation SPF15 PA+ (No. 21) 5g
Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lip gloss LR 09 1.5 g

Left-Right : Primer, Foundation, Lip gloss

Both of the primer and foundation come in toothpaste-shaped tube in 15ml

About the Primer:
come out with a light green color and i believe the purpose to cover the redness on our face, its very light water based primer, so its easy to blend. Smell nice too >o<

About the Foundation:
its a water based foundation, very light, and dont look like a foundation, its more like tinted moisturizer >o<, easy to blend and the coverage is about in medium level i think. But as far, i really like this foundation, really different with other foundation that i've ever tried.

And the swatches on the hand, in picture no. 2 i don't really blend it well, and in no 3 i already blend it well, as you can see it make my hand more bright, then i add the foundation, and blend blend it *^^*

The lip gloss's packaging super adorable cute and small, it come up with the phone strap, super cute >o< 

I'm not a fan of lipglosses, and as you know i'm a hugaa fan of lip tint and lip cream or anything matte *-*, the texture of the lipgloss is just fine like the other lipglosses out there, the color is in bright pink, and below are the swatches on my hand as well on my lip, it would be pretty if we apply pink lip tint first. ^^


What I Like:
# travel friendly *^^*
# both foundation & primer super light and easy to blend
# the scent on the foundation is really goood, not annoying at all
# love the lipgloss's packaging, can also be phone accesory

What I Dislike:
I dont really dislike anything so far.

Where to Buy:
You can buy it directly from Etude Skincare n Cosmetic, they have so many ready stock there with a very reasonable price

This is a great trial kit if you want to try Laneige foundation and primer from water supreme line first before buy the full size tube, since Laneige a lil bit pricey. *-* kekeke. That all for today, have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. the set is cute and lovely! ^_~

  2. Great review. I am intrigued by Laneige since some of my friends were telling me that at some angles I look like the model. LOL. :)

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