Saturday, 17 November 2012

Introducing You To Wet n Wild Indonesia

Finally Wet n Wild available in Indonesia *-*, for most of Indonesian who joined IBB(Indonesian Beauty Blogger) maybe already knew this news but i still want to share it with you guys in my blog here keukeu >o<, because Wet n Wild is one of my favorite US drugstore products ><, they're cheap but the quality isn't cheap ><.

Actually this brand kinda hard to find in Indonesia, because we need pre-ordering this on online shop and wait like more than 3 weeks until the products arrive. And i'm super glad that we now have Wet n Wild in Indonesia. Yeay! Because its still super new, they don't have complete product to be sold there yet, but i believe soon, most of the product range will be available there >< can't wait everything!!

And Wet n Wild Indonesia kindly sent me some of their product to be reviewed on my blog. And the review will be up soon here! kekeke..



  1. Halo sista2 yang cantik. Sori cuman mau nawarin,aku jual barang WET N WILD loh. Harganya sama kayak di Web koq no Tipu2 :)
    Kalo gak keberatan,boleh order di aku jdi lebih gmpang kan biasa di web lebih ribet dan ready stock juga semuanya >.<

    Cek aja yah FB
    Atau udha tau mau pesen apa,lgsg aja order 08179138331 / 21e4bc59 :)
    TRUSTED SELLER! Bisa diliat testi2nyaaa. Thankiuu :)


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