Sunday, 11 November 2012

Innisfree Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam (애플 쥬이시 딥 클렌징 폼) Review

As i finished my Etude House AC Clinic Cleansing Foam and The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Cleansing Foam, i'm thinking to try another brand, cause i want something new for my skin, so this time i choose Innisfree's product for my cleansing foam. At this moment my current 2 cleansing foam are Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam & Jejubija Anti-Trouble Facial Foam. But for this time, i'll reviewing the Apple Juicy one first. So lets get start it!!

Innisfree Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam

The packaging very simple yet sweet i think, the information is printed on the tube not in sticker form, so i'm super happy at it ><

aish -_- sorry for the blur's photo ><

Its saying that this cleanser is penetrates deep into pores, cleanses skin thoroughly.

English description

Since its innisfree's product it has the 'please return to innisfree after use' notification. And this product also contain green complex that will make the skin healthy. (Jeju's Green complex: Jeju green tea, citrus, white lotus, camellia leaves, crinum.)

White cream and smell so nice, sooo apple ><

This fresh deep cleansing foam offers softness and healthy radiance to your skin like a freshly washed apple.

apply an appropriate amount onto hands and create lather to massage and cleansse your face. Thoroughly rinse off with water afterwards.

water, stearic acid, myristic acid, sorbitol, glycerin, peg-32, potassium hydroide, lauric acid, hydrated silica, cocamidopropyl, betane, pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, camellia sinesis leaf extract, citrus unshiu peel extract, orchid extract, camellia japonica leaf extract, opuntia coccinellifera fruit extract, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower water, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract, glyceryl stearate, disodium edta, peg-100 stearate, olive oil, peg-8 esters, butylene glycol, sodum benzoate, phenoxythanol, fragrance.

Since its a deep cleansing foam, its really do a good job and also this cleanser not make my face dry after use it. My face feel soft and moist after use this. Super recommend!! ><

I dont use this cleanser as makeup remover thou, but last week i cleaned my brushes using this cleanser and its work super good >< so for this post i will show you how good this cleanser is. 

I put some foundation, eyeshadows, eyeliner, concealer, lipstick, and mascara on my hand, i just rub it gently until the foam become black, and i wipe it with cotton, and voila. But i still don't recommend this as your makeup remover, but you can use this as the final step after wipe out all the makeup with cleansing oil or cleansing water.

What I Like:
# Smells soo lovely and nice ><
# Does a very good job on deep cleanse my face
# Dont make my face dry after use it
# My face feel super moist after use it

What I Dislike:
Nothing for now ><

Forgot, maybe its around 80-90IDR ($8-$9). You can buy this from every online shop that sells innisfree products.

Overall, i super love this apple juicy series, maybe next time i will try another product from this series. Super impressed. :D Take care everyone!! Oh, almost forgot, i already removed the nuffnangx's conversation box because i want to archive all comments that i got, and i'm kinda pissed off because sometimes the conversation box dont load and bla bla blah. >o<. 



  1. aku prnh coba yg cleansingnya apple juicy ini tp yg gel form, baunya emg enak bgt ^^ freshhh!

    1. aaaaaa pasti yang gel lebih seru ><.pengen nyobain juga. Iya aku sukaaa fresssh hihi


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