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The Face Shop Lesson 01. 4 Minute Smoky Kit Review

Happy friday everyone >o<. Actually i'm superb annoying with my schedules, i have no time to rest, cause from monday to sunday i will have classes from now on. Superb annoying, but anyway i wont talk about it again, cause when i remember it, it'll make me mad.

And for today, i'll do a review about The Face Shop Lesson 01. 4 Minute Smoky Kit. Actually i already know this product since their very first launched in Korea (which is i forgot when), I already want this kit, but i cant find any review even photos of this series complete products on google (seriously back then i cant find any >o<), so i searched up on (i always search review of korean product from this search engine) and i found like only 1 review from korean blogger back then, since its quite new, but there are a bunch of posts about the launching event of this series, so when i look at the complete products of this series, i really cant help to get all of them. >o< Since i don't have that much money to buy all of them together, so i end up buy this kit first, because uh i love smoky eyes so much >o<. I'll stop babbling now, and lets get start it!! *^^*

The Face Shop Lesson 01. 4 Minute Smoky Kit

Front side of the box

Back side of the box

And this series 'Lesson 01' designed by 손대식(Son Daesik), a professional makeup artist of course, collaborating with The Face Shop

If you scan the barcode above, it will lead you to a video tutorial about this kit! (Will put the video later on)

Some information about what inside the kit, of course in korean *-* ㅋㅋㅋ

The thickness of the kit around 2,5cm. Not that big, so travel-friendly >o<

Front and back side of the kit with the pictures of the steps one by one

Comeout with 5x7,5cm mirror and information of the products

Click for more clearer picture!!
I put the english subtitle on the picture above, just click it for the closer look!

The closer look of the pamphlet, its the same information like on the box before

It has the plastic protector for the eyeshadows <3 p="p">

Whats inside the kit:
1. Eyeshadow: 실리콘 코팅된 피그먼트 사용으로 가루날림 적고 밀착력이 우수하여 선명한 컬러를 표현해 줍니다 (2 g x 4)

  • Deep Black Shadow : black smoky shadow for the combination of the eyeliner
  • Golden Khaki Shadow : for smoky eye hole(read: eyelid. dunno know why they called it eyehole o.O ㅋㅋ) shadow
  • Highlighter Shadow : soft beige color for highlighter. ( i think its much more to light pink than beige)
  • Eyebrow Shadow : cake eyebrow shadow. (brown greyish eyebrow shadow)

2. Smoky Dual Brushes
3. Eye pencil liner (0,25 g)
4. Mascara (7 g)

The swatches, its so pigmented and consist of pretty colors too, love 4 of them ><

The dual brushes pretty good, even its small but its so helpful and does good job!

Closer look of the brushes

Got around 2cm long of the pencil liner

The swatches, but if put it on lid, it will come up more vibrant than this. I dont know why it turn out like this, maybe its because my hand kinda moist ( i washed my hand right before the swatches)

Just a normal mascara shaped brush

Here's above are the swatch for the mascara, actually i dont have long lashes *-*, and sorry for the annoying picture of the swatch, not wearing eye makeup on. ㅋㅋ

The closer look for the step by step how to make a smoky eyes with this kit! (forgive me with the bad explanation, not good at it ㅜㅜ), and here the step by step:
1. Using the eye pencil liner, apply on all around the eye line
2. Using the brush on the step2, apply the deep black shadow on the top of the eyeliner
3. With the brush on the step3, apply the golden khaki shadow above the the black shadow (around the crease) to make a gradation.
4. Apply the highlighter color with the brush on step4 on the browbone and above the eyelid
5. Fix the eyebrow using the brush on the step5 with the eyebrow shadow, and then apply the volume up mascara. 
Voila done!

And below are the FOTD of me using this kit, but i dont really follow the step on the box, blame those deep eyes bag *-*

Overall opinion

  • Eyeshadow & Eyebrowshadow: its so pigmented and the colors really suit the yellow skin tone well, personally love the golden khaki one *-*
  • Pencil Eyeliner: Its NOT waterproof or smudgeproof thou, but it sweatproof. Just dont ever rub the eyes, or else you want to get the panda eyes on you.
  • Mascara: Also NOT waterproof or smudgeproof, but its really volume up my lashes, and the mascara has kinda annoying scent, i dont know what kind of scent it is, but it has such a bad scent.
  • Brushes: So tiny, but helpful. Does pretty good job!

What I Like:
# Travel-friendly, since its only 14.5x10.5cm big and 2.5cm thick
# Consist of 4 beautiful colors of shadow, 1 eyeliner, 1 mascara, and 4 brushes
# The price so affordable
# They put the step by step pictures on the box so its easy to understand and follow even when you dont understand korean at all

What I Dislike:
# The eyeliner and mascara not waterproof or even smudgeproof
# Cheap graphic design, i wish its just a plain black box, since they also give the pamphlet for the step-by-step look

I got mine for around 250IDR (around $25) from online, or you can buy it from The Face Shop Indonesia store for around 520IDR(around $52) *-* and i believe the exact price is no more than 20,000원 (around $16).


Well, thats all for today i think, and anyway i want to buy the limited kit from this series too which consist 2 travel size of foundation & primer, and also a full-size of foundation brush. *-* but still cant find it yet :(. Well, have a great weekend. Take care everyone!!



  1. wow I love this! It's tailored for asian eyes which is awesome. The smokey eye looks great on you! :)

  2. Wow! Very detailed review! :) Not a lot of Indonesian bloggers ive hopped to! So Im def following you for another take on Asian beauty!! :)

    New follower!!

    The Misty Mom

  3. great review dit, very detail ^^
    appreciate your effort to translate the hangeul into English ;D aku jg lg belajar mo ngeluangin wkt utk translate ingredients yg dlm hangeul tp kok males banget soalnya banyaakkk >.< errr..


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