Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Introducing You to NuffnangX

Another quick post for today. I'll introduce you too NUFFNANGX today!

Nuffnangx is like an instagram for blog, you can follow, leave a comment, mark it as favorite, and of course read the blog post easier of your favorite blog.

They also provide the application for android and iphone, so its much easier for me now. At first, i'm kinda confuse how to make the NuffnangX conversation appear on my blog, i'm such a fool, i even not checking my blog first whether the comment box has been changed into nuffnangx conversation or not *-* . After i realise the nuffnangx conversation has been added on my blog, i satisfied with it! So you guys can easily leave comment on my blog, and i can easily track it down from my phone too. Win win solution right? *-*

But if you're not an android/iphone user, you can also access the nuffnangx from their website too.

So so so, how to find my blog?? (website version >< lazy to screenshots it from the application on my phone)

#1 First, of course you need to sign up / login on nuffnangx
#2 type '' on the Find a blog's box
#3 Voila, you will find my blog, and dont forget to click the follow button!!

Thats thats all for today, i'm doing my papers right now, and its such an hectic week for me, cause its always rainy everyday, and i always going home all wet, thats mean i need to shampooing everyday, i always got a headache cause of rain, even i love rainy season the best ><, but still its kinda annoying *-*. But yeah, its much more better than dry season.

Have a great day my dear fellow friends!!


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  1. Hey babe! I'm on NuffnangX as well, followed you! But how do the conversations appear in the blog? In the comments section? :D


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