Friday, 10 August 2012

My Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

Hello hello!! Today i'll share where i learn and get to know into this beauty world through youtube. They're maybe not the most popular beauty gurus there, but i really enjoy and always wait what they're uploading next.  Actually i learn makeup from watching their videos, and i learn pretty much things related to beauty from there,and lets get started!

Nayoung Kim (Oiseau88)
You probably already know her right? >< i've been watching her video since the very first time. She's so pretty and smart, and also kind. ^^ I learn makeup from watching her videos, cause her video was the first makeup tutorial that i've ever watch. Cause im interest in korean makeup and she's like to use some korean brand, and pretty helpful for a new comer on makeup world like me, xD

And she's also has a great sense of fashion, which i like too, and usually upload it under account styleOshop .

Angel (beautifymeeh)
She's an MUA, so pretty too *-*, i pretty much always have a fun time watching all her videos, whether its beauty related or non beauty related. And i really love how she's filming her video, sooo my style. At first, i'm really not too aware with US makeup brand, but cause i watch her video and she always use US brand on her tutorial, so i get interest in another makeup brand beside the brand from korea >< lol

Jenn (frmheadtotoe)
I think everyone already know her right?? ><

Liah (Yellowycream)
A Korean beauty youtuber, and she has a very great skin, love watching her skincare videos and review over korean product in english too ^^

Hover (roseddalki)
A korean beauty blogger and youtuber. I envy with her skin and hair >< Love her experiment video over korean idol's makeup, and also love her haul videos, inspiring, but also always make me end up broke after watch her haul videos *0* haha

Jen (meejmuse)
Always like the way she editing her video, and so fun to watch >< and she's like to do some kpop inspired makeup tutorial too.

Sunny (sunnydahye)
She's korean but living in here, Indonesia. She like to make themed makeup tutorial and so cute kkk ><, and also some kpop makeup inspired

Sarah Lee (OnleeAmore)

Lindy Tsang (bubzbeauty)
Yea, she;s so popular on youtube, you must already know.

Catalina (cl2425)
I also watch her videos when the first time i get into this world and yea helpful!


Okay maybe thats all i think. Even you think 'hey their makeup look same' or bla bla bla blah, but i dont know, i just love watching their videos, cause they're really inspiring me and make me enthusiasm on makeup and skincare world. Im not only watching their makeup tutorial but also their skincare routine and another videos that really help me a lot, i really mean it, A LOTS. And sorry, most of them are asian, yea im biased >< because they have somehow featured asian face, and their makeup somehow really suit me better. ^^

Have a great day everybody!! ^^

- All picture on this post taken from their official Facebook/ Twitter page. -


  1. omg, those are my fave youtubers^^ cl2425 and frmheadtotoe were the first beauty gurus I ever watched :) X

    1. yay! we're same!! thank you for visiting dear :D

  2. Wow! I know most of them but there are some that I haven't checked out yet! Thanks for this post, I'm going to check them out now (=

  3. Great post! I'm sure they are very happy your blogging about them too! xoxo.

  4. Hey, I tagged you. Please check out this page, completely optional xoxo.

  5. Dita, I gave you an award :)
    love to read your blog

  6. Oh, I didnt know two of them!!! Thanks you!

    If you like you can check out my blog about korean cosmetics and makeup ^_^

  7. aih, nayoung kim ama jean aku juga suka sist hehe.. Tapi lebi suka ama michelle phan lebih colourfull sist ,
    Love nayoung waktu make up ala hyuna 4minute hehe

  8. i watch all of them alsoo :) <33 love the post! i also just started my beauty channel . even tho i'm not popular on yt or anything, hope you can check my channel if you want even tho i'm a youtube noobie >< i'm korean and going to focus on kpop tutorials, skincare, monolid makeup, and such. hehe<3 anyways, keep the posts cominggg. <33


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