Friday, 10 August 2012

Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream No.2 Natural Beige

Im back with a review of BB Cream from Innisfree, which is Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream. Like i said, actually i want buy the purple version or pink one, but they're more expensive than this, and i never tried bb cream range from innisfree, so i decided to buy the cheaper one first, lol (what an excuse xD)

Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream
with green tea | SPF 25/PA++
Content: 50ml
Shade: 2. Natural Beige

"Enriched with green tea from pure Jeju Island. Eco natural BB matches your individual skintone"

This BB Cream has:
  • Moist-rich water occurs naturally express feeling: 40% moisture content
  • Moisture BB Cream with green tea extract: organic Jeju green tea 100% contained
  • Smooth skin covering
  • SPF 25/PA++

Well, quite nice, cause it come out with a pump-type. but the pump somehow a lil bit annoying. At first i thought the pump didn't work, i need to pumped it a few time until it work, and with just one pump, we already got so much amount of this bb cream. I think its hard to maintain how much bb cream we want to use with this type of tube.

How to apply:
After applying your skin care regime, apply a primer prior to applying the BB Cream. Apply 1-2 layers depending on your needs and blend it in your skin. Wait 2-3 minutes for oxidation for a more natural coloring than apply a thin layer of powder to set your makeup.

i compare it with my other daily bb cream that i use often

Texture, Shade & Coverage:
Its more like liquid than cream, and its very light and easy to apply. even i think this shade a lil bit too dark than my Klair's but after some time its really matches our own skintone. Like i said, its very light, and the coverage also very light, very very light.

DONT EVER IMAGINE IF THIS BB CREAM HAS GREEN TEA SCENT ON IT, cause it dont *-*. Just smell like another normal bb cream out there :(


What I Like:
# Lightweight, suitable for daily use
# It contain 100% natural ingredients so great and safe for daily uses xD

What I Dislike:
# the pump dont work really good
# need concealer to conceal the imperfection
# only has SPF 25/PA++ too little
# dont have green tea scent like i expected T.T

Depend on where you buy this, i bought mine around 189IDR or near $19.8

Since it has natural ingredients, so im feeling safe to use this as daily base, but i do still love the Klair's BB Cream ><. BUT, this type of packaging already discontinued, cause Innisfree make an upgraded of this BB Cream with SPF 29/PA++ with tube type and more cheaper cause it only contains 40ml, hoho.

Hope this helpful! ^^



  1. keliatannya menarik, pengen coba juga ^^

    1. hehe, ayo dicoba kak. ringan banget cocok buat sehari hari..

  2. oily or bikin breakout gak dear?

    btw I follow your blog yaah^^

    1. gak kok say, menurut aku sih gak oily karena ini teksturnya kayak water based gak creamy sekali, jadi mudah di blend, dan gak breakout juga.

      Will follow you back ^^


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