Saturday, 28 July 2012

Unboxing My Super Junior's 6th Sexy, Free, & Single Album Version A

YAY!! Finally my album arrived. lol, i've been waiting like sdffds months, but thats okay, cause i want to make sure the album that i've purchased to be counted. It such a waste if i bought this expensive album and it wont be counted right? lol

And here's since its not for forum, just for my blog, i'll just captured it not scanned it. hehe, enjoys!

Mega huge and heavy, but not as huge as 5th but its more heavy, thats why its sooo expensive in shipping fee *0*

poster, album, and freebies

look alike jeans material

soo good damn pretty, the flower lol xD


The most A-LIL-BIT-NORMAL concept i think haha xD

Better the 5th teaser i think uuu xD haha

freebies that i got from ELFs


And yup this is what i got. Teuk
i have nothing to say cause im already tired take picture page by page, edit it out, and upload it out.. >.< ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


  1. is that Lee teuk signature ? *__* woa I want it :D
    I'm about thinking buy this album
    but I've changed my mind because too pricey >.<
    thanks for sharing dita ^__^

  2. Hey I nominated you in an award please go to for more information x

  3. hey I nominated you in an award please check out: x

  4. Hi!!

    Just to let you know I've awarded you with the Liebster Award! More information in this link:

    Kay :)

  5. hahahaha aneh bener yesung.. ada ranting2nya.. >.< sungmin jg.. bunga2.. lol
    yg paling normal si maknae kayaknya :P hihi
    how much yg edisi ini? ^^

    1. wkwk iya >.< aku lupa tepatnya, sama ongkir 2 kg dan tube dan lain2 sama donasi kira2 350an gitu shel. >.<


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