Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Saem Ally's Ajell Jelly Lip Tint No. 1, 2, and 3 - Review and Swatches

Yay, my first ever The Saem's product. >.<.
The Saem is also a korean brand, that use IU, After School, and Lee Seunggi as their models. I've already heard about The Saem from long time ago, but i dont know where to get this product, >.< but finally i can try The Saem's product range. >.<

My first The Saem product is Ally's Ajell Jelly Lip Tint. Since i cant decided what colors i should buy, so i pick up all 3 colors. They are:
1# Jelly Pink
2# Jelly Orange
3# Jelly Red

At first, i only open the orange one, cause i need to try one first before open all of them, then i realize that its not a lip tint, but a lip glosses >.< and at that time i was like sdffds i must sell the rest of it, cause i dislike wearing lip glosses >.<.

BUT, i changed my mind after i put it on my lip, i feel not too sticky like i swatch it on my hand, AND ALSO IT HAS LIKE MINT FEELING after you applying it on your lip, and make my lip moisture and the mint feeling make it more light.

And below are the swatches,

The applicator, just standart
Capacity: 10ml / 4g

What I Like:
# not heavy like other lipgloss
# not too much sticky
# moisturize, not make lip dry
# has mint feeling when applying it

What I Dislike:
# the colors hardly come out

Price: around 4,280원 ~ 5,000원

Where to Buy: I got mine at Coccinelle Cosmetic Korea .


  1. jelly lip tint nya lbh mirip lip gloss ya.. warnanya ngga gt beda pula.. paling suka sama yg mana dit wrnnya? :)

    1. iya sama aja shel. >.< yang biasa aku pake sih yang orange, yang lain cuma swatch2 aja.. soalnya rasa dan warna mirip2. haha

  2. kyaa, terliat menggiurkan *Q*
    eniwey, thanks uda komen di blog ku,aku cuma cocok viva itu aja say,, gak pernah pake milk cleansernya juga >.<
    eh, layoutmu lucu <3


  3. hahaha iy beneran ky lipgloss yaa.. aku jg br dgr brand ini dan blm pnh cb :D


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