Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Silk Straightening Essence

Yaiy! Finally im free now >.< i cant believe that i've already finished all my works and assignments, and its time to back to blogger's world. :D

My hair is kinda suck. I tend to have short hairstyle, not that short but around my collar bone, but im kinda tired with it so i want to make it look longer, BUT, my hair type is the wavy one and its hard to maintain, and hard to notice if the hair grow T.T, even i can use fake hair, but sometimes fake hair kinda uncomfortable, and kinda cheap for a good quality one too, and i can't always use hair straightener everyday, so beside im using hair essence to control my hair's humidity so my hair wont look like a lion hair >.<. Beside The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence, i also use another essence from The Face Shop. Still in the same range, Jewel Therapy Silk Straightening Essence.

So this essence work to make our hair more straight with the five different gemstones for silky soft hair with infinite shine. The five different gemstones are black pearl, diamond, amethyst, tourmaline, and jade.

Capacity: 120ml

All explanation are in korean

Its pump-type, so more easy and hygiene to use

Unlike the other local hair essence cream that i've ever used, it always leave a heavy feeling on both hair and hands, kinda annoying. When you pump it, it will come out like a white sticky cream thingy, but when i rubbed in on my hair, its mostly turn into water-like, and not heavy at all.

What i like:
# No sticky feeling at all
# No heavy feeling on hair
# Make my hair more shine
# Make my hair look more straight and easy to maintain

What i dislike:
Like on my post for The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence , i still dislike the fragrance. The fragrance actually not too annoying, but its not suit my sense of fragrant. xD

Price: 5,500원

Where to buy: I bought mine at Drolly Pop, for 69.000IDR :D

No more bad hair day again!! Even when you have a bad hair day, try to use this essence, and your hair will become more shine and reorganize ^^


  1. setelah pake ini tangan berasa greasy ngga dit? >.<

    1. gak kok say, aku suka sekali ini, beda kaya cream2 dari pantiene(?)dll yang habis make rasanya dirambut berat gimana gitu.. aku paling ga suka sama baunya aja >.< haha


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