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Solusimu - Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Cover

Hello everyone, and happy holiday by the way. Today i'll introduce you to a company, called SOLUSIMU. Since its focusing for Indonesian women's, i'll talk in indonesian and english today (and really sorry if my indonesian really suck and kinda weird u,u)

100% of public toilet are contaminated by germs and bacteria, and everyone is aware of this fact
98% users of public toilet feel insecure and engrossed while seating down directly on toilet seat
95% users of public toilet agree that toilet seat cover has grown to be a fundamental protection  that everyone must have

a company focused in the distribution of Paper Toilet Seat Cover, is a corporation founded in the early of 2012. Behind the name of , the founder and partners are all young professionals who hold onto one strong vision, “to serve anyone from all professions and age range with affordable maximum protection in the usage of public toilet.”
Inevitably, many times we’re left in a situation that we’re not given any other options but to use public toilet. The lack of supervision in keeping its cleanliness results in our unwillingness and insecurity while using it.

As our culture advances, so are the technology and our awareness of hygiene and health, we start to feel the strong need for an answer to this unfortunate situation. Founded to give solution for this growing need, by folks who share the same concern, is dedicated to fulfill our ethical commitment, “Your Safety is Our Main Priority”, while keeping our priority straight to show that we care for both people and the environment
Solusimu adalah perusahaan yang didirikan pada awal tahun 2012 yang berfokus dalam distribusi paper toilet seat cover (alas kertas dudukan toilet). Dibalik nama Solusimu, pendiri dan para partner adalah profesional muda yang memegang satu visi yang kuat, yakni: to serve anyone from all professions and age range with affordable maximum protection in the usage of public toilet. (untuk melayani semua orang dari berbagai profesi dan usia dengan perlindungan maksimum yang terjangkau dalam penggunaan toilet umum)
Seperti yang kita ketahui, sering kali kita berada diposisi mendesak dan tidak mempunyai pilihan lain kecuali menggunakan toilet umum, karena kurangnya pengawasan dalam penjagaan kebersihan pada toilet umum yang membuat kita merasa enggan dan tidak aman ketika menggunakannya.

Dengan berkembanganya budaya, teknologi dan kesadaran kita akan kebersihan dan kesehatan, kita mulai merasakan kebutuhan yang kuat untuk jawaban atas situasi yang tidak menguntungkan ini. Solusimu didirikan untuk memberikan solusi, dan untuk orang-orang yang mempunyai permasalahan yang sama, Solusimu didedikasikan untuk memenuhi komitmen, "Keselamatan anda adalah prioritas utama kami".

The benefits of :
1. Hygiene - Menjaga dari kontak langsung dengan kuman yang terkontaminasi di dudukan toilet umum

2. Convenience - Mudah dan cepat dalam penggunaan dengan 3 cara seperti gambar dibawah

3. Anti-Clog - 100% dapat larut di air. Hancur 4 kali lebih cepat daripada tissue toilet

4. Cost Saving - Mengganti penggunaan yang berlebihan terhadap tissue toilet dengan alas dudukan toilet

5. Biodegradable - 100% terbuat dari bubur kayu yang dapat dengan mudah diproses secara biologis, more info about biodegradable, read here!

offer 4 kind of product, they are:
Every sheet is folded for your protection. Solusimu specially designs this personal use travel pack for those people who are active and spend most of their times in public places. We don’t have control of how other people use public toilets, but Solusimu Travel Pack enables us to control how we want to keep our personal cleanliness.
We thoughtfully fold every single sheet for your use. Solusimu strongly believes that everyone from all professions and age range is entitled to maximum protection that is affordable.
Setiap lembar dilipat untuk melindungi anda. Solusimu khusus menciptakan jenis travel-pack untuk orang-orang yang aktif dan menghabiskan sebagian besar waktu mereka di tempat umum. Solusimu tidak bisa mengontrol bagaimana orang lain menggunakan toilet umum, namun Solusimu Travel Pack memungkinkan kita untuk mengontrol bagaimana kita ingin menjaga kebersihan pribadi kita.

  • 10 Sheet per Pack
  • 100% Virgin Pulp
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Convenient
  • Flushable and Disovable in Water


Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover is made of 100% soft virgin pulp that is environmentally friendly. It has been our main ethical commitment to work in the field that will only respect the environment and green world where we live on.
On top of that, every sheet of Solusimu is 100% biodegradable, which means that every time we flush the sheet after use, biological process will take place to dissolve it without adversely affecting the natural ecosystem. Given these qualities, long term use of Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover will not cause clogging. Research shows that our paper is in fact four (4) times faster to dissolve in water compared to regular toilet tissue roll.
Solusimu commercial package offers cost saving solution.  Consider the amount of toilet paper wasted as toilet users attempt to protect themselves against direct contact with toilet bowl.  The cost of tissue paper is more expensive than Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover.  No more clogging, no more mess, upgrade your toilet, show that you care and most importantly start saving with solusimu!

Per Pack: 250 Sheets
Per Carton: 12 Packs
Sheet Size: 355 x 428 mm
Packaging Dimension:  375 x 275 x 20 mm
Carton Box Dimension : 400 x 300 x 250 mm

3. PACKAGE 1 – Metal Dispenser

Inspired by minimalism yet elegant design, Stainless Steel Dispenser is best suitable to be installed in buildings with contemporary theme, such as hotels, office buildings, malls, cafés, exclusive restaurants, spa places, etc.
Solusimu Stainless Steel Dispenser gets its minimalism look from the dove finishing, which makes it easy to be synchronized to your existing sanitary units. Also, dove surface is generally easier to clean than chromatic surface. Sanding Dispenser is also resistant to humidity and rust, owing it to the 100% stainless steel material.

Material: Fabricated Matte Stainless Steel
Thickness: 1.2mm
Packaging Dimension: 430x 330 x 450 mm
Weight: 1.2 kg
Surface Color: Hairline Finished

4. PACKAGE 2 – Plastic Dispenser 
Plastic Dispenser comes in white color which makes it look clean yet sleek. Unlike the Sanding, Plastic Dispenser comes with embossed “Seat Cover” writing directly molded on its surface. The combination of clean look and embossed writing makes this dispenser perfectly suitable for buildings that prioritize cleanliness, such as hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, stores, etc.

Material: Plastic
Packaging Dimension:
413 x 290 x 600 mm
0.38 kg

How to Use:

1. Ambil satu lembar, dan lepaskan sambungan seperti gambar diatas
2. Letakkan pada dudukan toilet
3. Tekan tombol flush pada toilet

Seperti yang terlihat digambar, tidak perlu mengangkat paper toilet cover buat membuangnya, cukup tekan tombol flush dan dengan sendirinya akan terbuang.


And Solusimu kindly sent their products for me to be used, and im very welcomed with it. Cause i always have an issue when using public toilet. *-*. Even some of public toilet nowdays offer paper toilet seat cover, but we never know where or when we urgently need to use the public toilet and checked it first whether that public toilet offer toilet seat cover or not, so to have this Solusimu paper toilet seat cover in our bag is a must. And i highly recommend it, we never know if the toilet at our office, school, or even mall is hygiene enough. 

Gak maukan tubuh kita terkontaminasi dengan kuman dan bakteri yang ada di toilet, bisa aja kuman dan bakteri itu membawa penyakit kulit dan sejenisnya. *-*

And now since i've already have this Solusimu Disposable Toilet Seat Cover on my bag, i wont be afraid to use public toilet again. Hoho, cause back then i always like dvffdsf and really avoid to use the public toilet frequently, and i better going home quickly than using the public toilet.

Even this is an sponsored review, but i write this post with my honest thought of the product. And i think Solusimu offer such a great solution for us from using public toilet with secure.

Where to get Solusimu?
Well, it would be easier if we can find Solusimu at nearest supermarket at our town, but you can also get it through their website that i'll provide the link below.

For more information about Solusimu, please visit:
Facebook: Solusimu
Twitter: @solusimu
*Picture and information are taken from

Lets join the 'Germs are not for sharing' movement :D

Lots of love,


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    1. iyaaa :DD gak perlu juga bilang 'iw iw iw' pas terpaksa gunain toilet umum. haha

  2. wah jd penasarn.. yg travel pack hrgnya brp :D

    1. langsung ke web-nya aja shel. kalo ga salah harga sekitaran 5ribu gitu deh yang travel packnya :DD

  3. aku pny ini waktu msh di Indonesia. iya byk toilet seat yg disgusting bgt disana. ga ush khawatir2 lg kalo mau pk toilet umum, love this stuff :)

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  5. waw berguna banget nih, thanks infonya XD

  6. lovely post! that looks like a great product and definitely very convenient. they should have toilet seats more readily available in public restrooms here in New York City :( i actually do not sit on public toilets, but if i have to i usually have to resort to making my own toilet seat cover with toilet paper :( very inconvenient!

    when i was in Taiwan last summer, I encountered for the first time a squatting toilet! though i felt uncomfortable using one (Since i wasn't used to it), I realized that these toilets were actually more hygienic!

    help us celebrate! Join our 1 yr anniversary giveaway!

    alex @

    1. hehe, yeah. im glad that i found this >.<

      thank you for visiting ^^

  7. Such disposable toilet seats is very important. It makes us feel comfortable in using our toilet bowls.


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