Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lovely Lue's 200 Follower Giveaway

Like the title above, yup im joining Lovely Lue's Giveaway >.< yay!!*crossedfinger

I've been reading ci Lulu's blog since the first time im joining Indonesian Beauty Blogger group on facebook, and it was maybe around the episode 5 which is DIY Masquerade Mask. At first time reading Lovely Lue's blog my thought were like 'aaa sooo creative u.u'. 'soo pretty'.
Dan aku ngerasa blog-nya ci Lulu very helpful, with all the DIY seperti bikin cosmetic storage yang udah aku terapin walo hasilnya gak sekeren punya ci Lulu, but yea seengganya aku bisa mengorganize makeup-makeup aku. Tapi gak cuma DIY-DIYnya yang bermanfaat kok, tapi juga tips-tips beautynya kaya gimana ci Lulu maintain her great flawless skin, dll. so helpful >.<. And her makeup's skill TOO AWSOME, really love it! Dan cerita-cerita tentang personal life-nya really inspring. I want someday when i'm getting married, i want to do my own makeup too, aa apa banget ya aku >.<

Dan yea, ci Lulu hosting a super mega huge giveaway for her lovely blog's follower dan non blog's follower. And the prize seriously mega awsome, for more information please kindly visit her lovely blog ya DISINI.


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