Saturday, 14 July 2012

Innisfree Sweet Touch Of Joy Eau De Toilette - For Pure Happiness Review

Long time no see dear!! Finally my hectic weeks already over, still left 1 major assignment but already like 80% done, so so so im soo happy right now to write a post..

So this is actually my first ever perfume or EDT that i've ever have. Im very sensitive when it come to fragrance. I dont use any perfume before, i only manage to use like cologne, to be exact a baby cologne, because the smell not too much strong and loveable, but, im kinda sick and need something more strong fragrance these days, hehe. So i decide to buy EDT from korean brand, and its Innisfree Sweet Touch of Joy EDT.

Great, they printed it with a soy ink, soo eco friendly


Inspired by exotic tropical fruits in island resort, sweet and delightful scent of juicy fruits.

Citrus Passionfruity
Top Notes: Passionfruit, Guava, Mango, Citrus
Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmine
Bottom Notes: Sandalwood

Its soo fresh, seriously fresh, strong but not too damn strong, and really suit for summer time.

Price: around 15.000won at the website
Where to buy: I bought this at for 150IDR, the owner really nice and kind, and the price really not over priced :D. They sells korean cosmetic with more affordable prices, because they bought it straight from Korea :DD.

Have a great day everyone! :D Overall, i really love this EDT<3<3, the packaging so simple and small, so i can easily bring it, what your favorite EDT right now, girls??


  1. Ayuk marsha, smell so nice loh, gak seberat edt 'western' menurut aku, jadi pengen nyoba dari brand korea lain juga >.<

  2. Lovely blog, it looks like a very nice fragrance and I wanna try ^^ Love pretty fragrances ^^

    Love from your new follower Emi

    1. Thank you Emi. yeaa pretty sweet fragrance for cute girl. hehe

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