Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence Review

Even i have so many thing to do now, but im kinda sdfgfdsf, so i decided to write any review again today. keukeu. As you know, my hair is kinda asdfvdsa, because its wavy, so sometimes its easy to manage, but sometimes its so asdfgghh if its too dry. So i really need to maintain the water consistency on my hair, so this type of product really help me out, its The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence :D

i've been using this a lot right >.<

Five different gemstones for silky soft hair with infinite shine

This gel type hair water essence moisturizes dry and lackluster hair with its five jewel ingredients rich in minerals and moisture.

Direction: Hold the product 10cm from the hair and spray evenly on dry and damaged hair or spray the product on the palm of the hand and then apply evenly to the hair.

Caution: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on broken or abraded skin. Store in cool dark place.

120ml / 6.76 fl, oz

How the liquid look like
And yes the liquid has unique fragrance like perfume, and i personally dislike it >.<, but the fragrance slightly will disappear after spraying it on my hair.

The tube, its spray-type so easy to use and hygiene

# Moist my hair really well
# Not make my hair sticky at all
# Hygiene
# Not make my scalp itchy (if im accidentally get my scalp sprayed >.<)

# too little amount, 120ml. Wish it come out like 300ml or more lol xD
# personally dislike the fragrance

I bought mine at Drolly Pop, for like maybe 69IDR or something (forget the actual price >.<)

BUY AGAIN? Since i haven't found any nice product beside this, so yes :D



  1. Wah menarik nih~ rambut aku juga tipe yg super tebal dan kering dit he5 biasanya pakai spray serum makarizo, tapi ini boleh dicoba juga, kayaknya baguss~ thanks buat reviewnya ^^

    1. hoho iya sha, benci banget kalo udah rambutnya kering gitu *-*.. aku belum pernah nyobain makarizo, soalnya aku agak gak suka kalau bau2nya menusuk gitu *-*, ini jelly water gitu sha, cuma gak suka baunya aja, *0*


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