Sunday, 22 July 2012

Etude House AC Clinic Red Spot Balm + Whitening

Boooh!! Finally, like i said on my post here: Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Review I FINALLY GOT THIS RED SPOT BALM! OMG, its like forever until i got mine, since this product already discontinued blah blah blah, i already pre-ordering this thing, but cant get it since its already out of stock, and searched it for the ready stock one on most of shop that i know, and found nothing.. But yea finally managed to get one! Lucky u.u

STEP 4: AC Clinic Red Spot Balm + Whitening

Formulated with  Madecassoside (skin healing agent), Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress extracts, AC Clinic Red Spot Balm heals, clarifies and soothes facial trouble spots. Specialized target treatment heals and brightens blemishes with improved texture and skin whitening formula.

Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested
Non-Comedogenic means it will not produce nor aggravate acne. AC Clinic line is formulated without acne inducing ingredients to promote clear skin.

and yay, it has english description on the box, so helpful!

And it consist of 3 thing in there: The spatula, Red Spot Balm itself, and a travel size/sample size of Pink Daily Spot

Capacity: 20ml

Directions: Apply cream directly to acne, pimples and blemishes. Allow cream to absorb into skin. Avoid excessive facial rubbing.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear.

And when you open it up, it has like plastic protector on the top of it, so its seriously great, and with the spatula its more hygiene to take the cream out. And also the cream not sticky at all, good.

And the free gift, the sample size 5ml of Pink Daily Spot

Its a white cream with slightly pink

What I Like:
# Nice smell
# Not sticky and heavy
# Hygiene

What I Dislike:
# Its kinda fragile like other AC Clinic product, so i really need to be careful when i placed it
# Too little

Does It Work?
Well, this product doesnt give such an magic change after use it up over night, but slowly but sure, it whiten some tiny dark spot because of acne scars on my face. Maybe you need to use more that 1 tubes if you want completely reduce all the acne scars.

Application Sequence: Foam Cleanser --> Toner --> Gel Lotion --> Red Spot Balm + Whitening --> Pink Powder Spot + Extreme --> Pink Daily Spot, Calming Mist

Price: 11,000원

Where To Buy: I got mine at Zatura Shop for like 108.000IDR

But a good news! Even this series already discontinued, but Etude House has a new version of it. Its AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm, and you'll get 30ml of AC Clinic Daily AC Foam Cleanser as the bonus. ^^


  1. kyaa, I always curious with this thing >3<


    1. iya aku juga penasaran banyak review2 tentang ini, jadi mutusin beli juga. hehe

  2. wah sayang skali kalo dipikir2 dit.. dikit lagi km bs dpt yg versi upgrade nya red spot balm loh >.< mestinya formulanya lebih ampuh dr yg versi lama karena ada "intense" nya :P heheh
    nice post btw ^^

    1. wkwk iya banget nih, aku udah desperate banget, aku kira udah beneran gak ada versi terbarunya, baru sadar pas lagi nulis post ini >.< haha

  3. HEY saya jual produk etude skinfood holikaholika faceshop baviphat tonymoly dll
    Harga lebih murah dari counter

    BB: 29E09B25
    HP: 087855xxxxxx by request

    1. sis maaf bkn ini bkn blog saya,cm kayanya sis krg etis deh promo di blog oraang.TQ

    2. Sis maaf mungkin ini bukan blog saya,tp saya rasa anda kurang sopan den promo di blog review orang

  4. nanya donk...
    jadi sebenarnya versi intense itu versi paling baru yah???
    ato extream n balm plus whitening yang paling baru?

    dan pink spotnya tuh emang powdernya pink ato white sih say? soale gw liat di foto2 pada white kan? tapi waktu aku coba pake kok pink gitu powdernya.. takut kebeli yang palsu.. ngeri juga kan??
    anyway.. thanks...

    1. Intense iya yang paling baru. yang ini versi lama. hehe
      Iya pink spot powdernya warna pink kok tenang aja, mungkin kebanyakan difoto2 warna putih karena pencahayaan pas moto kali ya >< hehe.. asli kok tenang aja.. :))

  5. Zatura shop alamat link nya ada sistt?

    1. maaf aku bantu jawab yaaa atau
      semoga membantu :)

      nice post sis:) jd mau beli juga... >.<

  6. Replies
    1. Boleh kok sayang, karena produk ini very mild ya, coba deh kamu coba mentholatum acnes. range produknya bagus2, dan lebih mudah didapat disupermaket2. *^^*

  7. Halo Dita, nanya nih, bagusan make AC CLinic Trial Kit ato AC Clinic PInk POwder Spot+Extreme? aq 1st time nih, jerawat q timbul ilang gitu sh, mending yg mana? thank review nya..

    1. Halo eka, kalau mau coba coba dulu bagusnya coba trial kit dulu, nah kalau kamu ngerasa cocok baru deh beli full sizenya. :))

  8. Hi ^^
    Untuk menghilangkan breakout di muka dan mencegah dtgnya jerawat kecil di muka lbh bagus aku pake etude ac clinic trial kit atau etude intense red spot balm ya?
    Soalnya aku baru pertama kali dan mau nyobain tapi bingung..
    Muka ku gak jerawatan gede cmn ada bintik2 kecil aja dan jerawat kecil>__<

    1. Hello dear ^^
      Menurut aku kalau kamu mau menghilangin breakout dimuka sama mencegah datang bagusnya kamu coba dulu ac-clinic trial kit, karenakan ada cleanser, toner, lotion, yang bagus dipake buat sehari-hari. tapi karena ukurannya kecil jadi coba bisa bertahan sebenter. kalau ada jerawat2 kecil boleh pake pink powder dan powder waternya.

      Tapi karena kalau beli full set harganya lumayan ><, cobain cleanser-nya deh. yang jelas sih harus selalu bersihin muka double, pake makeup remover dan cleansing oil/water buat mencegah jerawat (pengalaman soalnya ><)

      Red spot balm ini bagusnya buat ngilangin bekas2 jerawat, tapi pemakaian harus rutin biar maksimal ^^

  9. kalo untuk ngilangin bekas bekas jerawat tuh pake yg mana ya sis?

    1. Hallo lita ^^
      kalau mau ngilangin bekas jerawat yang masih kemerahan bisa pakai ini, tapi hilangnya gak bisa sekaligus bertahap gitu, kalau mau lebih cepat dibarengi pakai produk whitening juga ^^. Semoga membantu ya


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