Saturday, 7 July 2012

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Review

As you know im quite impress with Etude House AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit Review , so i bought some of their full-sized, like toner, and also this their Pink Powder Spot. I also managed to get the discountinued Red Spot Balm >.< i will reviwing it one by one on my next next post.

And for today, i'll reviewing about their 5th step product, its Etude House Special Care AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Kit (their latest version :D)

Box packaging

Back-side, information in korean and english

Have the picture how to use it

english description

Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress. AC Clinic delivers trouble care Pink Powder alleviates trouble swelling on contact to minimize damage. Comes with cotton swab for application.

What inside, left-right: Pink Powder Spot, Pink Powder Water, Bunch of cotton swab (sorry actually i lost the original cotton swap and still cant find it >.<)

15ml of Pink Powder Spot and 15ml Pink Powder Water

Pink Powder Spot
How to Use:
DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE. After facial care, allow powder to settle at the bottom. Perpendicularly dip cotton swab into bottle to draw powder from bottle. Use swab to dab trouble spots and acne with swab tip to coat with powder

alcohol, water, zinc oxcide (CI 77947), glycerin, titanium dioxide, colloidal sulfur, salicylic acid,  chamaecyparis obtusa leaf extract, glycoproteins, aesculus hippocastanium(horse chestnut) seed extract, saururus chinensis extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, madecassoside, ampelopsis japonica root extract, carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract, allium cepa (onion) bulb extract, allium sativum (garlic) bulb extract, butylene glycol, mannitol, ammonium glycyrrhizate, zinc gluconate silica caffeine, fragrance, iron oxides (CI 77491)

Pink Powder Water
How to Use:
For the pink powder water, we must shake it first, like the picture above, then use the finger to apply it onto the trouble spot.

Step by step:
Pink Powder Spot --> Pink Powder Water

# the pink powder spot really do a great job!
# heal off my breakout
# not make my face feeling like burn
# suitable for sensitive skin as well

# a little amount
# the bottle made from glass, so fragile

I bought it around 107IDR or $11,8, ordering it from preorderlair.

BUY AGAIN: Definitely yay!

I wont be talking about my breakout story again here, but you can read how its work on my post here: Etude House AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit Review . Since when i tried the trial kit, this pinky powder really help me a lot so i bought the fullsized of it. Overall, really love love love it. :DD Have a great weekend! Take care :D


  1. eh say, kamu etude holic bgt ya
    aku gak pernah pake produk etude loh gara2 pernah gak cocok sama bedaknya
    jadi agak trauma gmana gt
    tapi kok skincarenya menggiurkan ya? *slapped
    aku bru aja nyoba bb cream mineral sama lip tint nya etude sejak trauma bedak -__-
    nymph aura volumer also makes me want to try ! hahaha lol

    eh, maen2 blog ku ya

    1. haha, >.< iya nih aku gak sadar kok jadi etude mulu ya >.<

  2. love it too ^^ <3 <3

  3. dit, cek ini ya :D km ku tag nih ^^

  4. Glad it worked for you! When I used it, it didn't do anything for my skin!
    Just saying thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!
    Following you back :)

    1. yay, im glad it work on me :DD
      thank you for visiting my blog kay :D
      nice to meet you :D

  5. halo dita,
    yg dipakai itu pink powder spot nya dulu, lalu pink powder water nya kan yah (dikocok)?
    untuk pemakaian pink powder spot nya itu, yg diambil airnya aja yang diatas atau powder yang dibawahnya?
    kan yg pinj powder spot nggak boleh dikocok. Hehehhe
    Thanks a lot :)


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