Thursday, 28 June 2012

Skinfood Banana Concealer Stick - No.2 Natural Banana Review

Hello hello beauties!!! Since im in a very good mood tonight, cause i just have some like 3 assignments left, and 3 major works left!! and some of them already 90% in progress, omg im soo happy happy happy *0* you know how hard im working on those things if we're following each other on twitter or instagram *0*, i even more happy that finally i found shop that sells the Etude House's product that i've been wanting since last month but cant find it anywhere again cause its already discountinued.. Super mega happy right now, hehe..I need 2 more weeks to fight, then im officially free.. >.<

So today gonna reviewing about my very first concealer ever. I bought this last year, when im starting to use makeup, from my favorite ever shop, Drolly Pop<3 . Its Skinfood, Banana Concealer Stick. They have 2 kind of shades as usual, i bought the no. 2, which is natural banana

Closer look!

most, writen in korean

I really adore this cute packaging and design >.< so my style

No. 2 Natural Banana

I've been use this continuously as my daily concealer (if i'm not in a rush) and i still have that much length.

The swatches on my skin, quite similar, but the texture is less creamy as you can see

Lets see, from my experience, it does good job, it can full cover up some of my small dark spot, but it cant cover up big darken dark spot ( i hope you understand what i mean >.<)

# Love the packaging 5/5 <3<3
# Medium coverage
# The shade quite similar with my skin tone
# So light :), so its perfect for everyday concealer

# Less creamy, so its kinda hard to blend
# Cant cover up the very dark spot

PRICE: actually i forgot the price when i bought this, but maybe its around IDR56000, or $6.2

BUY AGAIN? I dont think i will buy this again, since i still have this that much left, and i think i already own enough concealer to conceal my imperfection >.<



  1. I really want to try skin food product!
    And I just LOVE my concealer, haha~
    If I had to choose one make-up product, it would be concealer! >U<
    Haha, thank you for the review! ^3^


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