Friday, 29 June 2012

Kose Visee Meets Blondy Glam Nude Eyes Limited Edition N10 Foxy Midnight

Happy friday everyone, today im gonna post a review over my current daily eyeshadow palette that i've been use. Its from Kose, Visee Meets Blondy Glam Nude Eyes Limited Edition in (N-10)Foxy Midnight

Its well known that each year Visee like to collaborates with other labels to make a limited makeup collection. So this year, they collaborating with Blondy, a japanese clothing brand for the Spring 2012 makeup collection. So on this early year, January they launched 3 new Glam Nude Eyes Palette, which is a limited edition.
Taken from:

The 3 New shade come of Glam Nude Eyes are:
(left to right on picture above)
  • N-8 Nudish Peach
  • N-9 Classical Bitter Chocolate
  • N-10 Foxy Midnight
And i have mine in N-10, Foxy Midnight. Which i think all the shades seriously look similar each other, haha. xD

Good packaging!!

Printed in gold color, kinda hard to captured it.

back side of the box

They put 'how to' on the back, but all written in japanese, i dont understand any single of it. but glad, they provide a animation hoho

When open up the box, it sealed with this!

Back and front look of the actual palette :)

Open it up!
They come out with 5 nude eyeshadow colors, sorry im not good in naming the colors >.<

Come out with 2side little brush
And you know what, even the brush look kinda sdfgfds, but believe me its very soft >.< better than any brush that i got when buying little eyeshadow palettes

And above are the swatches, and yes its not pigmented.

Here's i found the tutorial over this palette, :D

Taken from:
# the colors so wearable for everyday
# nice design over the packaging and the box
# come out with a good quality of brush
# has shimmers on it but still wearable for everyday

# Non

Its not high-pigmented, but i dont think its the problem, because i love the nude colors on lid like a no makeup makeup one :D, if you're looking for a natural one, i recommend this one!

PRICE: from what i read, its about like 1890yen.

WHERE TO BUY? im searching it on but found nothing, but in here you can buy it for like USD 29.99 *0*.quite expensive for this little eyeshadow palette (but well, its an limited edition one thou).

Well, thats all for today. i better back doing my assignments again after this >.< hehe. Take care!!



  1. kayaknya bagus yaa.. bisa dibuat model gyaru - gyaruan gitu. Btw dit, mau ngajakin kamu ikutan giveaway blogku, udah belum? hehehe kalau belum cek di hehehe thank youuu..

  2. hehe iya han, hasilnya jadi natural gitu.. Haha, im joining yaa thanks buat infonya :DD

  3. I love my Visee palettes! They used to be cheaper but now I think their prices might have gone up?

    1. I love it too!! soo wearable >.<. yea maybe since its already hard to find it again these days if we're not buy directly from japan itself


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