Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint No. 1 Strawberry

So this is my current favorite liptint now, from Holika Holika Holy Bery Tint in No. 1 Strawberry, this tint come out with 3 shades which are No.1 Strawberry, No. 2 Raspberry (lol i was like wtf is 라즈베리 first, then i found out its raspberry, lol i thought its rajeberry, what kind of fruit is that rajeberry *-*), and No. 3 Orangeberry.

front look!
No. 1 Strawberry ^^
bottom look, it has date when it being manufactured

the applicator
swatches on hand!!

# Easy to spread
# Hygienic
# Color turn out very natural
# Has strawberry's fragrant
# Slightly taste a lil bit sweet i think (wtf lol)
# Cheap, around 52IDR or $6.5

# will dry your lip like any other tint 
# sooo cheapy design ㅋㅋ

Why im saying its hygienic? Cause we dont need to make dots on our lip first like Tony Tint then spread it out with our finger. We just need to spread it out evenly with the applicator, dont be afraid with the bright tint on it, cause it will turn out very natural on your lip. >.< And by the way, it will long last up to 3hours with no eat/drink..

How do you think? Do you like wearing liptint too?? I always said that i dislike the sticky or greasy feeling on my lip, so thats why i prefer wearing tint than lipstick or even lipgloss. Liptint also my life-saver, cause without this ppl will think that im sick or smtg like that, lip tint seriously bright up my tired face ^^ so thats why i love tint soo much ㅋㅋㅋ

I wish that it would be great if lip tint has many shades like lipstick. I always end up buying same shade but with different brand *-* lol. It would be awsome if it has so many shades like NYX round lipstick right, aw, haha just thinkin of it already make me *-* i definitely will collect all of them ㅋㅋㅋ

Have a nice day everyone! Take care ^^~Dont forget to leave comment below!! >.<

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  1. nice review ^^

  2. lip tint itu gak tahan lama kan ya?
    waktu itu aku nyoba tapi cepet bgt ilangnya -_-

    1. hehe, gak juga kok Nila, ada beberapa liptint juga yang tahan, tapi kalau gak makan/minum lumayan juga tahannya.. *-* tapi karena aku gila liptint selalu siap sedia liptint di tas, wkwkwk

  3. :) bagus aku juga suka liptint.. yang ini beli dimana dit? pengen.. hehehe

    1. aku beli ini PO hana, *0* lama nunggunyaa!!!

  4. looks natural.. bagus :D aku juga pakai lip tint, tapi yg merk ini belum coba,hehe...

  5. I love how it looks so natural on you! I've been thinking of getting this but there are just too many lip tints to choose from that I don't know what to get anymore. Any recommendations? By the way, I just followed you! Let'support each other :)

  6. I was lip tint jungkies to
    My favorite is TBS aqua liptint
    Tapi yg ini juga menarik +_+ jd kpingin,


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