Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Etude House Mini Size U Gift Set Review

So lets meet with Etude House Mini Size U series. I was soooo tempting with this series, cause back then my favorite beauty gurus on youtuber, Oiseau88 really love this toner, and always mention this toner on her skincare's videos. Sooo im soo gonna tryin it too, but when i ordered it online, it saying it has been discontinued T.T, so i was like 'no hope' to have a chance to try this line. And when im doing windows shopping on online shop, they have this Gift Set. So i sdfgfdsdfg ordering it. >.<. and wtf i bought 3 set of this lol (you can tell how im soo asds over this line lol)

The packaging sooo cute >.< love it so much!


Sneak peek!!

It contain with 3 kind of stuff: Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum, Mini Size U Astringent, and Face cotton pad.

So the Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum come out with 15ml tube and the Mini Size U Astringent come out with 20ml of bottle

left-right: Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum and Mini Size U Astringent

The Mini Size U Astringent come out with spray bottle so its quite simple. Its really refreshing my skin, even i believe it has a lil bit alcohol on it. My face is kinda have sensitive skin, whenever i put some product which contain alcohol on it, my face will turn out into sdgfdsfg, how to explain that?? People with sensitive skin will know what i mean >.<

Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum come out with tube like this, and the cream just white.. Its smell nice too not too strong.

Here is the cotton pads, 4 cotton pads to be exact.

So after using this product, I REALLY RECOMMEND YOU ALL TO THIS PRODUCT. WORKS AWSOMEEES!! (excuse for the capslock lol). I have a very big pores back then, and i tried everything already, as you know i've been trying the Etude House Baking Powder Cleanser too, but since i've already have too many cleanser so i rarely use that. Right now, i've been finished 1 set of this, and there are still some more big pores on my cheek, but this set seriously reduce my big pores *-*, back then i can see clearly my big pores, thanks God i met this product ㅋㅋㅋ.

So i recommend you to buy 2 set of this if you want your big pores disappear.

How i use this? I use this after i clean my face in morning and night before sleep. I just put it all over my face, except on the forehead. Astringent first, then the Serum. Wait until it absorb onto your skin.

Price? Its around 55IDR or $6,9. Since its hard to find this set, for Indonesian you can buy it here.

So, i hope it'll help you out! Dont forget to leave comment below ^^ thank you everyone and have a nice day!!

Lots of love,


  1. wah dirimu punya sampai 3 set say?
    aku juga suka pakai ini, enak banget serum dan tonernya ^^

    1. aw, wkwk maruk banget ya say?? kkkk, habis bagus banget jadi aku belinya sampe 3 gitu biar gak kehabisan stock.. kkk susah banget nyari produk ini lagi soalnya >.< hihihi

  2. Dirimu beli di Chic Princessa pake PO ga? apa ready barangnya :D
    mau coba juga beli. racun banget deh ini >.<

    1. awww, haha gak PO kok, mereka kalau di chic itu ready kok..
      wkwk ayooo beli juga, beneran ampuh bangeeet, aku juga sampe *-* ngeliat pori2 besarnya berkurang bangeeeet, hihi..

  3. aku prnah pakai tonernya doank tp udahan dan skrg beralih k yg lain :p


    1. haha, is it works too???? Tonernya kalau gak salah ada powder2nya gitu kan?? >.<


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