Thursday, 10 May 2012

Baviphat Funky Look One Color Eyeshadow No. 7 & No. 8 Review and Swatches

So today gonna be a quick review over Baviphat Funky Look One Color Eyeshadow in No. 7 and No. 8. I always end up sdfgfdsd annoying when i cant find any review over products that i wanted to try. I always searching some reviews first before decide buying something, and yes its really hard to find reviews over not-that-popular-product-from-not-that-popular-brand generally in english, always end up search it with on naver *-* and somehow, even i can read korean or understand it but im just lazy to think (wtf the excuse lol), so i hope all my reviews (esp. from korean brand) here will help you out!

I dont know too, why im buying this product, lol, back then i just want to have some single eyeshadow, and this one actually pretty cheap (other brand has cheap eyeshadow too thou) im soo blind at that time, just choose random one.

For this range their have 10 shades of eyeshadow, and i got mine in no. 7 Deep brown and no. 8 green. and actually i dont order the green one, i ordered for the silver one, but im so stupid and didnt realize that no. 8 actually green color not the silver one *o* 아이쿠 참 ㅋㅋ

This eyeshadow comeout with this cheapy packaging, i was like :| why sdfdsdf, lol. but compare with the price well i wont complaint again, lol.

The backside of the packaging...

And below are the swatches

It has like (omg how to write it, im not an eyeshadow expert >.<) matte shimmering finish. (?) well you can see it on the swatches above.

And yes, its pigmented eyeshadow, and above are the swatches without primer. and i pretty impressed. For 3,300won or near 26,4IDR or $3,3 this eyeshadow pretty good too. But if we compare with our proudly local brand, well this eyeshadow quite pricey for one single eyeshadow.

And below are all the 10 shades that i took from their site here!

and wtf, just realize it now, the no. 2 actually no. 1 and the no. 1 actually no. 2 sorry for the confuseness.(its 2:15am right now and their colors quite similar, kekeke sorry for the excuseeee *-*)

No.1 White
No.2 White (slighly dark than the no. 1 i think)
No.3 Bronze
No.4 Peach
No.5 Pink
No.6 Brown
No.7 Deep Brown
No.8 Green
No.9 Blue
No.10 Grey

OMG, how beautiful is the peach one *-* omg, i shouldnt just choose random colors over this back that time..*0*

Already 2:20am, i should sleep seriously. ㅋㅋ Well, have a nice day everyone!!!! Comments are sooo much welcome!!! ^^~ Take care. XOXO

Lots of love,


  1. great review dit.. it is ok lha, the green one looks pretty too.. I decided to follow u, mind to folback? hehehe

    1. wkwk iya aku pertama, agak gimana gitu ngeliat yang hijau, soalnya lebih suka kewarna2 yang warm gitu, tapi setelah di pake ternyata bagus juga. wkw

      already followed too ^^

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