Sunday, 27 May 2012

Baviphat Auto Eyeliner No. 2 and No. 3 Reviews

Hello everybody! Im finally back :D, i already put way too many reviews on draft, so i think at least i need to publish one of them. So today, im gonna reviewing my current eyeliner that i'm wearing everyday, its from Baviphat, Auto Eyeliner in Black and Brown. Honestly, i only owned one 'ink'(what we called that??) eyeliner, and one gel eyeliner that i rarely used, because honestly i always end up make my eyes line 'messy' using those two kind of eyeliner(?) sooo yup auto eyeliner is officially my boyfriend now (wtf yea).

This auto eyeliner come up with 3 colors, (1)White, (2)Black, and (3)Brown, so i only bought the black and brown one, and one of this cost 2,500원 or 20.000IDR or about $2,2, so yea its madly cheap ^^~

Brown and Black :D

Closer look for the logo, so cheap xD

Come out with a eyeliner brush.

Closer look for the brush

And below are the swatches on my hand.

This eyeliner not come up with a 'no smudge and waterproof' claim on it, so i dont have any expectation on it, but as you can see on the picture above, omo i quite impressed with the quality of this cheap eyeliner. Totally love!!

# Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!
# Less smudge<3
# The color look very natural, perfect for daily
# Come out with a brush<3

# Cheap design >.< (lol, but thats okay compare to their prices)
# Wish it come out with more shade to choose >.<

BUY AGAIN? yeeeeees definitely

Sorry for the MIA >.< i just asdfgasd annoying with all my final assignment design a house werewef and other stuffs like that, so i wish i can back blogging sooon..

Have a nice day!

Dita :))


  1. Replies
    1. aku kemarin beli PO hana di preorderlair :)

  2. nurut aku logonya msi ok kok, pas sm packagingnya yg warna hitam :p
    dan wow harganya murah yaa :o

    1. haha, iya, tergantung selera.
      murah banget kan >.< seandainya yang lain juga semurah ini >.<

  3. wah,murah..
    tp kok warnanya kurang kereng y :O

    1. warnanya bisa di kontrol kok Monic, kalau mau lebih ngejreng bisa ditekan kuat2 gitu, soalnya kan kering gitu teksturnya jadi kalau mau tebel ditekan gitu :D hehe


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