Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Lioele Blooming Gloss No. 4 Cream Orange Reviews

So today, the giveaway prizes arrived at my home just now. I've been winning the giveaway hosted by one of writer on awsome FACEKITT.COM back in march. I got the Lioele Blooming Gloss in No. 4 Cream Orange. It has another different shade, and you can read the reviews about different shade here!!

Here's the swatches, its milky orange color and actually it smell like blooming flower, so fresh!

#1 I love orange peachy something colors sooo much
#2 The packaging soo cute and simple
#3 It has the flower-fragrant on it <3<3
#4 Easy to apply cause it has an applicator on it

uh, nothing.

Actually its my 2nd lipgloss that i have. Kekeke, im not soo into lipgloss or lipstick cause i dont like the creamy sticky feeling on my lip thats why i prefer liptint for my daily, even liptint always make my lip dry, but thats okay cause before i also apply lipbalm on it first..

I want to try another different shade if i can, but Lioele kinda expensive here in Indonesia. Keke, maybe next time.
Anyway, thats all for the reviews. Wish it'll help you before buying this cute blooming gloss. Have a great days everyone!! ^^~


PS: why it smell like peach >.< omg will be my favorite soon. lol. yea, im such a peach maniac >.<


  1. packagingnya cantik..^^
    btw kalau di pakai di bibir kayak gimana sis? oranye banget kah? sama kayak yg di tangan?
    Thanks for the review~~

    1. Makasih say..:*
      hehe. warnanya gak seorangeorangenya sih, soalnya bibir aku rada gelap, mungkin yang punya bibir warna terang bakal kelihatan banget warna orangenya, tapi diakunya lumayan juga orangenya, tapi jatuh2 ke nude gitu.. makasih ya udah baca

    2. wah makasih udah diupdate postnya ^^

  2. packagingnya simple tp bagus :3
    hasil di bibir gmn yaa? mau lihat donk :3


    1. iya simple banget, tapi elegant gimana gitu, apalagi gambar bunga di atasnya, >.< dan semoga aja tulisan di tubenya gak mudah kehapus haha


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