Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sariayu Trend Warna 2011 - Exotic Indonesia (The Colors Of Asia) - Petikan Senar Reviews

Hello!! Finally i bought some of Sariayu's eyeshadow collection. Its my first try, since i read some of beauty blogger's post about this palette, and all of them amaze with the pigmented of this eyeshadow. Sariayu is local brand of cosmetic, skincare and bodycare in Indonesia. Its very popular among Indonesian women, but since i have no good relationship with any local brand cause i've like something like allergic while tried some of local brand of skincare when i was young, so from that moment i dont want to give a try any of them. But since its an eyeshadows, i hope it will be okay..

So here they are Sariayu's eyeshadow! I bought this at local drugstore nearby, and wth their salespeople totally asdfgfsasdf make me adfssdffd. Seriously not friendly at all and didnt give any information about it. Sigh.. Thats why korean people who i know ever ask me why salespeople in Indonesia is not friendly, most of store that i went they act cool and rough and didnt gave me any information about the product that i want to buy blah blah blah~~.. I have no idea thou..

So the sariayu that i bought today is from 2011 collection, its Petikan Sitar. Sitar is one of Indonesian instrument. Sariayu always named their product with unique name, they even named their product with animals name, or lake name and etc. So cute thou.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Its consist of 3 colors, 1 eyeshadow applicator and small mirror behind the logo.

Here's the applicator. Cant even use it. Can you see the brush seriously asdffd, cant describe it, when i tried it(the left one) it really not work, and the right one, i only use it to swatch the shadows on my hand.

And here's the swatches. The colors seriously pretty. Dark brown, light gold brown, and pinkish red(?) colors. Lol, something like that. It has a satin finish.. and yea very pigmented! Maybe i'll buy some more colors next time. 

# very pigmented
# its in affordable price, with 40IDR we got 3 pigmented eyeshadow colors

# errr the applicator totally suck
# the packaging loook cheap

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  1. wowww... cantik banget ya say!!
    i will definitely buy this after!
    another racunn :P lolol..

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