Monday, 26 March 2012

Review of Baviphat Magic Girl Moist Make-up Fixer (바비펫 매직걸 모이스트 메이크업 픽서)

Hello everybody!! So today im up with the review of Baviphat Magic Girl Moist Make-up Fixer (바비펫 매직걸 모이스트 메이크업 픽서). I picked up this baby from Drolly Pop. Its Online Store that located in Indonesia, i mostly shop from there.

I'm feeling like need to have makeup fixer, cause i dont like to re-touch my makeup whenever im outside, cause i live in a humid place, so its kinda eww to re-touch my makeup like applying compact powder or any kind of that. There're so many kind of makeup fixer's type from any brand too. But, i think this Magic Girl will suit me well, cause it'll moisturizing my face and make my face more fresh, and actually it WORKS MEGA GREAT. Yesterday i was like 7hours in stadium(what we called that?? T.T) to watch the basketball's match, and its veryyy hot outside and inside the stadium, and when i sprayed it over my face, i was just feeling my skin very moist and more fresh.

건조한 피부에 하이루론산, 글리세린, 베타인 등의 다양한 보습제의 함유로 오랜시간 수분을 공급해 주을 유지시겨 줍니다(Hydrating dry skin, glycerin, betaine, and a variety of moisturizers containing a supply of water and make up fixer at the same time)

사용법: 얼굴에서 약 20-30cm 떨어진 곳에서 골고루 분 사하여 줍니다 (Usage: approximately 20-30cm away from the face and left it dry for few minutes)

Its kinda hard to find any information of this product on net, so i need to re-write the korean words (its burdensome cause i hate typing it from my notebook, so i need to type it from my phone, cause its quite easy to write it from my phone T.T and too bad the blogger's application for Android isnt avaiable for anyone who lived in Indonesia, sooo asdfdsasdfgs ah, oot so much. keke sorry)

# cheap comparing with the skinfood's red orange makeup fixer
# really moist my face
# the design quite simple yet elegant, soo baviphat.
# the smell somehow refeshing.

# actually i cant find any, but this makeup fixer come up with 100ml tube, so its kinda inconvient to bring it everywhere.

But overall, love it. ^^~ have a nice day everybody then! Take care.



  1. makasi reviewnya.. aku juga sempat mau beli ini cuman ragu-ragu antara perlu atau nggak he5.. baca review kamu kayaknya lumayan produknya ^^

    1. makasih juga say.. hehe. iya sih makeup fixer mungkin lebih dibutuhkan buat orang2 yang jadwalnya padat di outdoor gitu, kan matahari sini nyebelin banget, mau di retouch pake bedak, rasanya tebel bener, nah ini yang paling cocok.. haha

  2. Akhirnya ada juga yg revieew, thanks!


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