Thursday, 8 March 2012

My New Schedule Planner (≧∇≦)/

Good night! Just back home from today classes.. Its so much fun, by the way today i had lunch with my friends from high school and until now at some Italian restaurant lol.. :p, then after that i went to bookstore to pick up some schedule planner, because i think i need this thing to records my activities and something like that yeaa, so i bought this little cute baby.. its Pink, baby pink, the design seriously mega cute, and when you look the inside its seriously maaaad cuteeeeeeeee.. I cant even describe it.

As you can see, page by page has different little picture, and actually its a story about a girl and her dog's life.. interesting!! and also the story written in Korean, so we can also learn it. mehehe.. enough to say, you can just click the picture below to see more clearer picture.

Thank you ^^~ talk to you guys later on~


  1. Agendanya lucu banget!!
    Hmm..kayaknya aku juga mulai butuh agenda nih. Jadwalku padat sekalee..

    1. banget banget mbak >.<

      already followed back ya ^^~

  2. Replies
    1. Aku beli di Gramedia say. iyaa, lucu bangeet..


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