Thursday, 8 March 2012

March early hauls - Etude House, The Face Shop and Tony Moly

Hello beauties! Im kinda lazy these days to blogging, so this is the early march hauls.. just bought some. like Etude House Silk Scarf Shampoo, Etude House 66BigEye Line Charm, The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing, 2 Tony Moly Tony Tint in red apple and cherry pink, and some free samples. and also i pick up the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in no. 2 but thats my mom's so i just give it to her already..

Here's the backup of my holy shampoo from Etude House.. i thought im running out of this but seriously i still have half of this even i've been use it since 6/7months ago. I'm in love with this shampoo, you can read my review here this is my 2nd purchase of this shampoo.

Here's also my asdfdsdf everything, The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing. i really love this cleanser.. i use this every single days and i just running out of this, i've been using this much of tube for more than 6months. Its cheap if you buy from online shop, but if you buy this at their store in Indonesia, the price totally asdffdsdf make me mad. But i really love this cleanser more than any cleanser that i've ever use.

Here's for the lip tint maniac. I bought 2 tony moly tony tint in Cherry Pink and Red Apple. I own the cherry pink one, and the red one actually is my friend's.. i'll do some review about this soon.. I heard so many good thing aboug this product, so why dont we try it? ㅋㅋㅋ

This is my eye-life-saver.. its Etude House 66 BigEye Line Charm. OMG, finally i bought this. this is super mega cheap than the japanese product one that i forgot the name.. since my right and left eyelid is seriously different, so i want to try this baby out..

Thats all for today.. See you soon!!


  1. menunggu review big eye line charm nya ^^
    Nice haul sis..salam kenal ya ^^

    1. Makasih ya udah baca blog saya. ~^^.. hehe salam kenal juga..
      ini lagi dalam tahap eksperimen dengan 66bigeye line charm..^^~

    2. btw sis, km ga pasang widget GFC kah?
      mau follow, cuman bingung nyari GFC nya hehehe

  2. Nice blog :)

  3. aaahh selalu penasaran sama silk scarf shampoo deh... packagingnya lucu2 ya seri silk scar fitu, pinky-pinky semua... :)


    1. Hehe, selain packagingnya yang lucu, shampoo-nya juga works super great on my hair.. its just make my hairs turn likeee silky scarf.. haha.. ayoo dicoba juga sist..


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